Gemma Collins exploring the possibility of IVF

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 October 2021

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins is desperate to have a baby and is considering turning to IVF after struggling to get pregnant

Gemma Collins is exploring the possibility of IVF.

The ‘Diva Forever’ star, 40, – who is dating businessman Rami Hawash, 46 – is desperate to have a baby, and she has opened up about some of the frustrations she has experienced while trying to get pregnant.

Speaking to a fan about IVF, she said: “I really want a baby now, I’ve not been using any contraception. I can’t get pregnant so I’m gonna have to be brave now and look into this myself.

“It feels like sometimes – when’s it gonna happen? Why me?”

Gemma spoke about the possibility of IVF when a fan who has found herself in a similar situation emailed into the podcast to ask The GC for some motivation.

Former ‘TOWIE’ star Gemma was quick to reassure the supporter that she and her fiance could still have some success.

She said: “IVF is not a bad thing, honey. Don’t worry. You can get it and lots of people conceive on IVF.

“There’s always someone out there with a bigger, worse situation than you. Just go with the flow of life.”

The podcast listener also revealed that she works as a physiotherapist and sent her well-wishes to Gemma’s dad Alan, who endured a tough spell in hospital last year after being struck down with coronavirus, but he was able to leave hospital in January.

Gemma heaped praise upon the nurse and her colleagues, admitting physiotherapists were vital to her dad’s recovery.

Speaking on a ‘Love Lounge’ instalment of her ‘The Gemma Collins Podcast’, she added: “I actually know what you’ve been through because my dad had to have physiotherapy.

“I was up the hospital a lot and I saw lots of nurses breaking down crying and I just wanna say you are real-life angels.

“Feel Gemma Collins giving you the biggest hug ever because I’ve seen how hard your physiotherapists do work with the COVID patients.

“Without you guys, my dad wouldn’t be walking again. It’s nearly bringing tears to my eyes.”