He shakes and slaps his pregnant partner in the middle of the street of Valencia – CVBJ

11/25/2021 at 7:24 PM CET

Marina Falcó

A man has been arrested in Valencia for the Local police after attack to his pregnant partner on a street in the city of Valencia. As reported by police sources Lift-EMV, newspaper that belongs to this group, Prensa Ibérica, on 092 received a call at 9:30 p.m. yesterday, Wednesday, November 24, from a passer-by who had witnessed how a man had hit a woman who seemed to be his partner.

Indeed, the 28-year-old woman confirmed to the agents of the 4th District Unit displaced to the place, that It was the partner of the arrested with whom I had been in a relationship for four months, who lived together and also I was two months pregnant. It was not the first time that she had attacked him, in fact, the woman told the police that four days before she had already slapped her and that the attacks had been repeated up to four times giving him hair pulling and slapping.

Faced with abuse, 016

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That night the victim returned from work, found the aggressor at home and they began to argue because he had become jealous after try to control who he had been talking to on the phone. The mistreatment was repeated: he slapped her and pushed her. At that time, the woman left the house out of fear and when she was on the landing, he kicked her in the leg causing her to almost fall down the stairs.

Once in the street he chased her and they struggled as he tried to take her cell phone and although several witnesses rebuked the abuser, no one intervened directly. The detainee managed to take the keys to his home and went upstairs. While the policemen were talking to the victim, among those who were already GAMA agents (The Abuse Attention Group) came down again and confessed that he had hit his wife. Agents arrested the man.