Heidi Montag Pregnant, Expecting Baby No. 2 With Spencer Pratt

Congratulations are in order for Heidi Montag and her husband, Spencer Pratt! The Laguna Beach alum is pregnant and expecting baby No. 2, who is due in December, with the Hills: New Beginnings star.

“I couldn’t be more excited. I don’t know who I’m the most excited for — myself or Gunner or Spencer,” Heidi gushed to Us Weekly on Wednesday, June 1. “I just felt like something was missing. I felt like a person was missing in our family that I had this intense love for. And I kept praying about it. I’m like, if I’m not meant to have another kid — because I had accepted that at this point — I just wanted to not have that desire so strongly and I just wasn’t sure if it was going to happen or not. I just get so emotional about it.”

Heidi, 35, and Spencer, 38, who share 4-year-old son Gunner, have been trying to grow their family for a long time. In fact, the lovebirds revealed how struggling to conceive put a strain on their marriage. “I can’t imagine [this bringing us] closer together,” Spencer told Us Weekly in an October 2021 interview.

“[It’s] definitely [added] stress,” the soon-to-be father of two admitted. “It’s the first time I feel like we’ve had a real … hardship. We’ve had so much drama and negativity [from] outside factors, and this is the first time that something is internalized in our relationship that is out of our hands.”

Moreover, Spencer revealed that it was difficult for Gunner to be patient. “Heidi was trying to prepare Gunner when we thought it would be easier. So now Gunner’s like, ‘You promised me,’” the Los Angeles native recalled at the time.

Prior to Heidi’s second pregnancy, she underwent a polypectomy procedure, a surgery performed to remove uterine polyps in the uterus, to increase her chances of having a baby.

“I’m hoping that this surgery works and that this is the only reason I haven’t been able to get pregnant,” the Crested Butte, Colorado, native said. “Hopefully after this, I can get pregnant right away. … I can have intercourse in two days and I’m ovulating, so hopefully, this is the time. I have no cramping and the anesthesia felt great.”

Thankfully, Heidi, Spencer and Gunner got their wish! Of course, motherhood in the limelight isn’t always a walk in the park. Over the years, the dedicated parents have faced a lot of online backlash.

“Heidi was shamed by somebody that she interacts with. One day they wrote to her, like a week ago, that Gunner is too big to be in a stroller. Like, how dare you?” Spencer previously told Life & Style.

“You know, to really engage this hater’s logic and this, this mom-shaming logic, it’s so irrational,” Spencer added, suggesting that Heidi should “block these mofos.”