Helpful Tips to Boost Your Postpartum Recovery – Podcast Ep 72

We know how important it is to take care of ourselves, especially after giving birth—whether C-section or vaginal. However, it can be challenging for us new moms to take the time for our health and recovery. We tend to prioritize our baby and family before ourselves. But taking care of ourselves is not saying, “me first,” it’s saying, “me too.” Because we are also important and we matter. On today’s podcast, I’m talking with Katherine Baquie, the founder of FitNest Mama. Kath is sharing with us all of her tips on how to help boost your postpartum recovery.

Kath is a proud mama of three, a perinatal physiotherapist, and host of her podcast, The FitNest Mama Podcast. On her podcast, Kath dives into pregnancy care, childbirth, and postnatal recovery, helping mothers have a better pregnancy and postpartum experience. Kath has over 16 years of professional experience guiding mamas through their pregnancy fitness journeys and postnatal rehab and specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation. With these credentials, it’s not hard to see why mamas are flocking to Kath for pre and postnatal fitness help!

As I mentioned, Kath is sharing her advice with us on how to best recover from childbirth as well as our pelvic floor. She’s explaining what exercises moms can do and can’t do after giving birth and her tips to new moms just beginning their postpartum journeys. We’re so grateful to have her as our guest and to listen to her words of wisdom. Cheers to boosting our postpartum recovery!

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