Hope 2022: Experts discuss infertility and high risk pregnancy

Finding out the reason why a couple could not become parents was the most significant thing in treating infertility which could also keep the cost low, said experts at the “Hope-2022: Infertility and high risk pregnancy” from dilemmas to decision making conference organised on Sunday by Ajanta Hospital.

“IVF is the last stop in treating infertility. Hence, an honest medical history is needed from patients’ side. Doctors too need to select the correct patient for IVF and if possible, treat with medication first – instead of jumping to IVF,” said Dr Geeta Khanna, director Ajanta Hospital while talking to media.

“It is very significant to take a correct history such as duration of treatment, for how long have the couple being cohabitating (often wife is in village or other city), what tests have been done and what treatment has been taken including studying drug dose and response. A correct history and its analysis leads to an accurate diagnosis which leads to an appropriate treatment,” Dr Surveen Ghumman secretary general of Indian Fertility Society.

All IVF pregnancies are high risk and the risk is more if it is associated with diabetes, blood pressure, twins, history of repeat abortions, and pregnancies in aging women and that is why clarity at both ends (patient and doctor) is the first thing needed,” said doctors at the conference.

“If treatment can be done with hormone therapy or other medicines it should be followed. But couples should also keep in mind not to wander from one clinic to another, increasing unnecessary expenditure but choose the right IVF centre for affordable IVF treatment,” said Dr Anil Khanna, director Ajanta Hospital.

“IVF is a known technology but the need of the hour is timely IVF treatment and selection of an IVF expert and care after conception,” said Dr Gita Khanna.