How to Do Double Braids

Double braids are a cute take on the traditional braid, looking especially gorgeous on little girls.

They are a great way for hair that is a little bit shorter, or has short layers, to be tied off the face and keep the creepy crawlies away!

This hair style is also fantastic if your child’s hair is a little dirty or oily, the residue actually helps keep the braids in and makes the hair easier to style.

Step 1

Part your daughters hair through the middle and section off one side with a tie. This keeps you from picking up from the wrong side when braiding theother and keeps a straight part in the centre.

Step 2.

Using the technique shown in Basic Hair Braiding, braid one side ofthe hair and finish with a hair tie.

Double Braids

Step 3.

Repeat on the other side of the hair. You can either leave theends as two separate plaits of combine (as pictured) to make one large plait.

Double Braids

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