How to Make Your Christmas Tree Special

Putting up a Christmas tree is a tradition that goes back for centuries.

It’s a symbol in the home that Christmas is fast approaching, and nothing gets the kids excited like the putting up of the tree. These days, a lot of people opt for plastic Christmas trees over the real thing, but no matter what kind of tree you have, the real fun comes from decorating it.

In my home, decorating the Christmas tree is sort of a tradition.

Everyone pitches in and tries to make the tree look as beautiful as possible. It stands in the corner of the living room and gives off the gentle glow of hundreds of tiny coloured lights reflecting off of tinsel and ornaments. When it comes down to the actual decorating process, there are literally dozens of themes and ideas that you can use to make each year’s tree unique and special. Here’s how:

1. Give Each Member of Your Family a New Ornament Each Year


For example, one idea that I’d like to try is giving every member of the family a new ornament every year. Each one will reflect something special that happened that year, and therefore every time they open their personal ornament box, they can remember something about the years that have already passed. The collection will grow until the limbs of the tree are literally sagging under all of the weight. It may not look as pretty as it would with just a few well placed baubles and rolls of tinsel, but it will be our tree, unique from everything else out there. I even imagine the kids keeping these ornaments as they grow older and continuing the tradition with their kids. That way, our Christmas memories will stay around forever, each one holding a special place on the tree.

2. Decide on a Theme for Your Christmas Tree

Icy Theme

Of course, themed decorating ideas are always an excellent choice as well. An icy Christmas tree is fun and creates a really unique, almost artsy look. You start by wrapping some white or light blue Christmas lights around the tree, preferably those ones that are shaped like tiny icicles. Then, sprinkle some loose silver tinsel on some of the boughs and top it off with ornaments made from clear glass or plastic. Finish the look by draping some cotton snow or faux cobwebs over the limbs. You can also buy a spray that creates the look of snow on an indoor tree. This comes out looking a lot different because it doesn’t use any of the normal colours. Instead, you get a twinkling frozen wonderland right in the middle of your own house!

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Red and White Theme

For a red and white theme (or any colour combination for that matter), use only red and white lights and similarly coloured ornaments. Hang candy canes on the branches to make it look even more festive. Your tree will come out looking like a giant peppermint lollypop.

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This one’s a favourite for so many years. My kids love it… Well, it’s easy to see why.

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For more gorgeous christmas tree colour combinations, click here!

3. Opt for something unique

You can totally create a non-traditional Christmas tree that represents you and your family’s personality!

Here are a few suggestions –  CLICK HERE!

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However you decorate your tree, large or small, its a wonderful way to display your family’s personality and provide the perfect spot for opening pressies on Christmas morning!

What’s your idea of a perfect Christmas Tree?