I got pregnant on the pill then thought I was having a miscarriageā€¦ turns out I was 38 weeks gone and already in labour

MANY women use the contraceptive pill for birth control, and many women trust it will work so long as they take it correctly.

But like any medication, there is the rare occurrence that it doesn’t work, as Lanie found out when she was 21.


Lanie, from the USA shared the story of her abnormal pregnancy on TikTokCredit: @lanelou92/Tiktok

Lanie, who is now a mum to two boys and shared her story on TikTok where it has gone viral with over 600k views.

She explained in a video that she managed to get pregnant whilst taking the contraceptive pill which she had been on for six years before getting pregnant.

In the video she wrote: “When you go into ER for what you think is a miscarriage and they tell you your baby is 38 and a half weeks in size.”

The mum explained that she took a pregnancy test back in April 2014 whilst studying at university after skipping a period, but had experienced no prior symptoms of pregnancy before then and had continued to get her period in the previous months.

Lanie decided to take a pregnancy test as soon as she missed a period, which came back positive, she called her doctor who schedule an appointment to see her within the next two weeks.

The next morning, Lanie says she almost instantly started getting a little bump and told her boyfriend, who Lanie has now been with for over ten years, that she was pregnant and that their baby would be born within the next six to eight months.

She then went back home to her family and whilst there, experienced some really intense stomach cramping.

She said she called the nurse who told her it was round ligament pain due to her uterus expanding.

Lanie said two days later, she was woken up from liquid gushing out and added: “Now my cramping is ever three minutes and I truly feel like I am going to die in my mother’s bathroom.

“She calls my boyfriend and tells him he needs to come here, something’s wrong with Lanie.”

Her partner immediately drove down to see her as Lanie’s mum drove her to the hospital.

At the hospital, she immediatley tells the doctors she is pregnant, her doctor examines her and tells her that he can already feel a head.

At this point she was rushed to the labour and delivery ward.

Nobody thought Lanie was far gone enough in her pregnancy to be in labour as she had only just missed her period and was on contreception.

She was shocked that the baby had a head, and the doctors were giving Lanie magnesium as they thought the baby was only 20-weeks along, which means the survival rate of the infant is low.

The doctors then tell Lanie they want to measure the baby using a sonogram, which shows that Lanie’s baby was actually measuring at 38 weeks, they then drop the bombshell that Lanie would be having a baby that day.

After just three pushes, her son, Tyson was born.

Lloyds Pharmacy website says the contraceptive pill is 99% effective when taken correctly and fewer than 1 in 100 women will become pregnant, but if it isn’t used correctly this number jumps to 9 in 100.

Users were shocked by Lanie’s story, one wrote: “Oh man I wouldā€™ve freaked!”

“I am so terrified Iā€™m going to be one of the women to have a secret pregnancy. Like even secret from me!” Exclaimed another user.

A third person said: “


Tyson is now seven years old and Lanie and her partner are now engaged


Tyson is now seven years old and Lanie and her partner are now engagedCredit: @lanelou92/Tiktok

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