I got pregnant two months after ‘getting my tubes tied’ – the doctors are calling it a medical mystery

A MOTHER of five children and two miscarried children has revealed she got pregnant after having her fallopian tubes surgically removed.

Once a woman loses her fallopian tubes, she’s not supposed to be able to fall pregnant naturally.


A mother of five revealed she got pregnant after she no longer thought she could have babiesCredit: TikTok / Toshia
She claimed that doctors are absolutely shocked about her story


She claimed that doctors are absolutely shocked about her storyCredit: TikTok / Toshia

The mother, Toshia, who goes by @mamaof5boyz_2angelbabiez online, claimed she underwent the procedure in June 2020 but found out she was expecting in August 2020.

“The doctors call it a medical mystery.

“They have no idea !!!” she said.

In a second video, Toshia shared a medical document that noted only her left fallopian tube was removed in a procedure called a salpingectomy.

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Then, in a third video, she claimed that a “football-sized cyst” completely took over the right side of her uterus when she was 18 years old.

She had it surgically removed, which also resulted in her right ovary and fallopian tube being taken out as well.

Therefore, she should never have been able to get pregnant.

The Cleveland Clinic’s website confirmed that women who have had both fallopian tubes removed cannot become pregnant naturally, but could carry a baby with the help of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

However, Toshia has not admitted to using IVF and said she was super shocked when she discovered she was carrying a baby.

She said she and her husband found out when she was approximately five weeks along.

Toshia called her youngest child a “miracle.”

Her story sent other women into a panic about getting pregnant after they’ve taken similar steps to avoid it.

“Just got mine removed last month and now I have anxiety,” one woman wrote.

“IM SORRY WHAT?!” another exclaimed,

“I’ve had my tubes removed for 5 years, I don’t want any more kids.”

“And now I’m gonna have nightmares” a third commented.

In reply, Toshia wrote: “it’s a .000001 chance, it’s a small chance.”

Of course, there are different types of procedures women can undergo to prevent becoming pregnant.

A salpingectomy involves getting one or both fallopian tubes removed.

Meanwhile, tubal ligation, which many refer to as “getting your tubes tied,” involves simply blocking the fallopian tubes so eggs cannot pass through them to the uterus.

It’s 99 percent effective.

Finally, women can have a full hysterectomy, which means the uterus is completely removed.

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Women should always consult a medical professional to determine which operation best suits their needs.

The Sun has reached out to Toshia for comment.

The mother said she has no fallopian tubes so she should not be able to become pregnant unless she undergoes IVF


The mother said she has no fallopian tubes so she should not be able to become pregnant unless she undergoes IVFCredit: TikTok / Toshia

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