‘I proposed in our school yearbook’ | Readers’ Lives

Nicole Waite, 37, a specialist IVF nurse, and Robert Coare, 37, a mechanical project manager, were married on May 7, 2022, at The Pearson Room, in Canary Wharf, London

Rob was taking a risk when he wrote “Will you marry me?” on Nicole’s school leavers’ yearbook. They were 16 and just good friends. Also, she had a boyfriend at the time.

Nicole and Rob met at secondary school in Hornchurch, east London. They were into R&B music and would share a Walkman to listen to each other’s mixtapes. “Unfortunately for me, Nicole was already taken back then,” he says. “After several rejected attempts, I decided to bide my time.”


On leaving school, Nicole studied graphics and then nursing. She is now a specialist