I tried at-home vaginal microbiome testing Evvy: Tracks infections, infertility

I received my results a few weeks later. It took me some time and effort to understand the meaning of their words.

Evvy results

I was somewhat surprised to find such scientific detail given the conversational tone of this survey.

Anna Medaris Miller

Based on the colorful blob depiction of my microbiome, it looked like things were in good shape — the majority of bacteria was labeled neutral, and I had more beneficial than disruptive microorganisms. 

Pita Navarro (Evvy’s head for research) arranged a call to talk through my findings. To decode their dashboard, any Evvy user may schedule a call with an expert company representative.

She told me that, unlike the gut microbiome in which lots of diversity is good, in the vagina, it’s healthiest to be dominated by one bacteria — and especially one of the Lactobacillus species. This species produces

Lactic acid
Keep the vaginal pH low and disrupting bacteria at bay. 

Pita assured me that my microbiome looked healthy because I was dominated by Lactobacillus inners. 

It’s possible that other people who are dominated with the same species may have issues due to the bacteria surrounding it. 

“If you have inners and great bacteria like yours, you have a healthy result,”Pita said it to me. “But for the small percentage of women that have lactobacillus inners and 10% to 20% other pathogens, they start experiencing symptoms.” 

“That why particularly for those women dominated by lactobacillus inners, it’s extremely important to get comprehensive testing and look at what else is surrounding it.”