Icons Of South: Dr Aravind & Dr Reshma, Pioneers In Infertility Treatment

Guinness World Record Holder, India Book of Records holder, and national fertility awardee, Dr Aravind Chander and Dr Reshma Shree A are the names behind Dr Aravind’s Iswarya IVF – Fertility & Pregnancy Centre. Giving hope to thousands of childless couples, Iswarya IVF has branches in Tamil Nadu and Kerala is a one-point advanced IVF, Fertility, and Laparoscopic Centre. Dr Aravind Chander is a fertility super-specialist and gynaec laparoscopic surgeon who has a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine and Masters in minimal access surgery and Diploma in minimal access surgery from Kiel University, Germany and has done ART fertility training from NUH Singapore and his better half, Dr Reshma Shree A also a fertility super-specialist and gynaec laparoscopic surgeon run the place.

“I always had an interest in the medical field inspired from my grandfather Dr P.R. Subbaiyan who is a Cooper Surgical Awardee from British period and had the interest to pursue training in laparoscopic surgeries. But when I was pursuing my education, I saw a huge gap in treating women’s fertility and laparoscopic procedures and I found that there were very few doctors concentrating in this segment. To fulfill this gap and with a vision to eradicate infertility from India,” says Dr Aravind Chander.

Iswarya IVF has introduced genetic screening and genetic-based treatment among couples who had a recurrent miscarriage and repeated IVF Failures and is one of the few doctors who started practising genetic screening in IVF in India. “Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) and Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) techniques are used for infertile couples, especially those that have had a miscarriage or genetic abnormality so that they can become healthy parents,” says Dr Reshma.

The team not just attends but also conducts conferences to keep themselves updated. This center is a one-stop solution for all kinds of fertility treatments, Gynaec Laparoscopic procedures including high-risk pregnancy care, and takes a holistic approach making it a homely center with affordable cost. “We have all facilities from basic follicular scan for natural cycle and 3D-4D Scan to all higher-end procedures including ICSI, IMSI, Freezing and thawing procedures, Egg freezing, PGS and PGD,” says Dr. Aravind. Iswarya IVF has given free fertility counselling to more than ten thousand infertility couples in India and abroad.

Iswarya IVF currently has advanced Centres at Coimbatore (Ganapathy), Tirupur, Erode (Perundurai Road), Salem, Hosur at Tamil Nadu, and Palakkad and Kozhikode at Kerala and Colombo, Sri Lanka. “Our motto is to provide fertility services throughout India in upcoming years at a very affordable cost with a high success rate,” Dr Reshma.

Iswarya IVF has excellent atomised documentation software, where every procedure will be completely documented, barcoded, and be completely confidential. “Even our embryo freezing and identification has another two to three levels of check systems in place and every level is completely confidential and the treatment protocol is easily followed,” says Dr Aravind.

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