I’m banning my fiance’s pregnant sister from our wedding

A BRIDE-TO-BE has been shammed for uninviting her fiancé’s pregnant teenage sister from her wedding, so all the attention can be on her.

The 25-year-old is getting married in a few months and says the teen’s due date will be around the same time.


The woman said she was concerned as her family would be ‘upset’ seeing a pregnant teen and did not want attention taken from her on the big dayCredit: Getty

She posted anonymously to Reddit and adds: “She is apparently due two weeks after the wedding.

“My worry is this, pregnant women require a lot of care and extra accommodation.

“There’s also the risk of her water breaking at my ceremony and taking all the attention off me on my day.”

She explained that she loved her fiancé’s teenage sister and couldn’t wait to be her sister-in-law but was concerned about inviting her in case she gave birth at the wedding, taking attention away from her and the groom.

The couple originally planned to have the wedding without children under the age of ten.

As much as the bride-to-be loves kids, she explained that she had been to weddings in the past which were ‘ruined by screaming and wailing tykes.’

On top of that, she said her family was very religious and that they will be unhappy if they saw a pregnant teenager at her wedding. 

She told her fiancé about her plans to uninvite his younger sister, but he was not happy with the idea.

She wrote: “Call me selfish but I feel that I and my husband to be should be the focal point.”

The woman claimed attention aside, a nine-month pregnant teenager should not be on her feet so close to her due date.

Her partner said she was backpedalling and that she should be ashamed of herself.

He then told his whole family and they all are mad at his fiancée for suggesting to uninvited his sister.

She asked users of Reddit if she was in the wrong for trying to uninvite the pregnant teenager, and many said she was.

One person commented: “Are you dis-inviting cheaters or anyone who has had a divorce? How about anyone who got a woman pregnant out of wedlock? How about anyone who had premarital sex? Or sex before 21? Where exactly is the line for your godly family? Are only young girls who have visible evidence of their sin shunned?”

“Your husband is right. You should be ashamed of yourself. If someone has a heart attack during your ceremony- are you going to whine how they stole attention from you?” Said another person.

A third person wrote: “If the sister isn’t feeling well or up to it, she can make that decision. You aren’t concerned for her. You’re concerned about keeping up appearances for your parents. Problem is, they’re going to find out there’s a teen pregnancy anyway, and if they’re so judgy they can’t even be at the same event, that is firmly a “them” problem.”

Many users said she was in the wrong and that the teenager could decide for herself if she was feeling up to coming to the wedding


Many users said she was in the wrong and that the teenager could decide for herself if she was feeling up to coming to the weddingCredit: Getty

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