‘I’m finally pregnant with dream baby at 47 – but it’s left me in £134k of debt’

Suvi Mahonen, 47, and her hubby Luke Waldrip, 50, were desperate to add to their brood after welcoming their daughter Amity into the world in 2013 – but when things didn’t go to plan, money was no object for them

Suvi and Luke wanted another child after Amity was born

Image: Suvi Mahonen / CATERS NEWS)

A 47-year-old woman who has spent seven years and £134,000 on IVF has finally fallen pregnant with her miracle baby.

Journalist Suvi Mahonen and her hubby Luke Waldrip, 50, decided to try for a second baby in 2015, two years after the birth of their daughter Amity.

But the next seven years brought the pair failed result after failed result, leaving them heartbroken every time.

The couple’s desire for another baby has spanned three different continents – making attempts in Australia where they live, the USA and Russia.

With each attempt Suvi and Luke took out a loan to afford the expensive procedure.

After their first few attempts failed, Suvi said she stopped telling people she was trying to have a baby, feeling “humiliation” that it wasn’t working out.

Suvi and Luke welcomed Amity into the world in 2013


Suvi Mahonen / CATERS NEWS)

The couple had been trying for a second baby since 2015


Suvi Mahonen / CATERS NEWS)

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“I couldn’t bear it, I couldn’t bear the humiliation. I just ended up telling people we had stopped,” she said.

“Stopping and giving up has been something that has been very much on the cards at times.

“The negative test results were devastating; they became soul destroying and it made me feel like a failure.

“It clouds so much of your other life as well, so, you feel like a failure in everything.

After several unsuccessful attempts to conceive using Suvi’s eggs the couple opted to try out an egg donor at the OLGA clinic in St Petersburg, Russia.

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They splashed £22,000 on three rounds of IVF with the clinic, which offers a money-back guarantee, in the hope it would work. But the couple agreed this would be their final shot.

“If we didn’t succeed with the OGLA Clinic, we would get that money back and that really would have been it,” Suvi said.

But she added the pair decided to take “one last chance” on it.

Suvi said: “We were gearing up to be disappointed. I still had my suitcase out on the table, and I remember thinking, I’m not going to unpack because I might be needing to go back to the clinic in Russia for another transfer.”

Suvi found out she was pregnant shortly after returning home


Suvi Mahonen / CATERS NEWS)

Suvi was desperate to be pregnant again


Suvi Mahonen / CATERS NEWS)

But soon after returning to Australia, she discovered she was pregnant.

“The test was positive and there were tears of joys. But a huge part of that was tears of relief,” Suvi said.

Now in more than £100,000 worth of debt, Suvi, who is due to deliver in December, says the cost was all worth it..

She said: “We’re going to be paying off the debt for the rest of our lives, but I said to my husband, ‘I don’t care if we’re living in a tent, we just have our family’.

“We’re at the age where we should own property by now, but we don’t because we prioritised our family.

“It’s still early days, so there is a chance that something could go wrong, but we have another embryo already on ice and we have two more rounds with the OLGA clinic.

“Until there is actually a newborn baby on your chest, it’s anxiety-inducing. But we are very hopeful with this pregnancy; the signs so far are good.

“We’re pretty certain now, given this positive result, which is a huge step in the right direction, we’re pretty confident that at the end of the journey we will have our three kids, including our Bulldog Piper.”

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