Incorrect to confuse IVF testing with abortion

The IVF law as amended provides the right balance for couples finding it difficult to start a family and the protection of life, Opposition leader Bernard Grech said on Sunday.

Speaking on Net TV via telephone, Grech said the PN only voted in favour of the bill after its amendments were taken on board.

The new law, which will allow genetic testing prior to implantation to enable doctors to look out for certain conditions such as Huntington’s Disease, was approved on Wednesday. Three PN MPs voted against.

“We voted for couples and families, as well as to protect life; we made sure to strike a balance, so it is incorrect for people to doubt that the amendments are against those with disabilities. It is also incorrect to say the amendments have anything to do with abortion,” he said. 

The Opposition amendments, he said, was for polar body testing, which happens on oocytes that have not been fertilised. 

“Let us not forget that it was the PN that introduced the IVF law back in 2012, and apart from speaking to families and couples who were facing difficulties in starting a family, we also spoke to numerous experts and discussed how we can amend the law while continuing to protect lives,” he said. 

He said that since the government had accepted the Opposition’s amendments ensuring this, the PN was in favour of the reform. 

“The party is in favour of life, and will continue to be the voice of the voiceless and most vulnerable,” he said.

Smart City land sold at 47c per square meter 

Grech also spoke on the land swap deal for Sadeen Group’s American University of Malta and Smart City. 

Also on Wednesday, Parliament agreed to the deal, which will see the controversial university getting a plot of land measuring more than 31,500 square metres at Smart City and renouncing its title over land it has in Cospicua and Zonqor, in Marsascala, with the Opposition voting against. 

Grech reiterated his previous comments that virgin land in Żonqor should have never been taken away from the people and that the party had been voicing the people’s concerns from the very beginning. 

“The government is trying to repair the damage it has done and is selling land at Smart City for 47c per square metre,” he said.

“While we have young couples who cannot afford to buy property because of the high prices, the government is selling land at that price,” he argued

He said Prime Minister Robert Abela and the Labour government continued to protect their foreign friends while ignoring the Maltese and Gozitans. 

Grech also spoke about the new legal notice allowing establishments in nine of the most popular streets in Valletta to play music outdoors until 1 am. 

An Opposition motion to repeal the law was rejected.

“The Labour vote against this motion was a vote against the residents and business owners of Valletta, and a vote for those establishments who only want to make a profit,” Grech said adding that even the MHRA and the MDA had come out against the legal notice.

The government, he said, wanted to transform Valletta into a new Paceville.

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