indore: 1 In 3 Pregnant Women Are High Risk In Indore Division | Indore News

Indore: Every one in three pregnant women in eight districts of Indore division are identified in high-risk category in current fiscal year, showed record of regional director Indore division (health services).
The records showed that there had been 26,181 high risk pregnant women identified of those 77822 registered ones in Indore division from April 1 last year during the current fiscal. Of those 26,181, over 6000 were moderate anaemic pregnant women. The information was compiled for a divisional review meeting of health services held in the last week of December last year.
The high-risk conditions among pregnant women include those above 35 years of age, obese, have a pre-existing illness like blood pressure, history of clotting in limbs, said regional director (health services) Indore division Dr Ashok Dagaria.
“The monitoring of high-risk pregnant women is done to prevent any complications at time of delivery and avoid any fatalities there. The better monitoring during the pregnancy further helped in reducing those illness”, said Dr Ashok Dagaria.
The identification could be done because the division reported high ANC registration, said Dr Dagaria.
ANC registration leads to regular check-up helping in early diagnosis of high-risk pregnant women among them prompting interventions on time leading to reduction in chances of maternal death during deliveries, said Dr Dagaria. “The registrations are the most useful for pregnant women from deprived classes helping them in getting benefits of the various welfare schemes of the government”, added Dr Dagaria.
The records further suggested that Barwani, Alirajpur and Burhanpur districts had reported maximum high risk among pregnant women. There were 41.6%, 38.5% and 38.2% high risk identified in Barwani, Burhanpur and Alirajpur district of those total pregnant women there, showed records.