Indore Emerges As Ivf Hub With 2500 Childbirths In 2yrs | Indore News

Indore: By recording around 2500 childbirth through unconventional and advanced technique in the last two years, which is around 65% of the state’s delivery ratio, Indore has emerged as an IVF hub with registration of around 800 eggs and semen donors at different centers, experts claimed.
As per official records of Indore district administration’s PC-PNDT Cell, there are a total 27 IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) clinics in the city that reported as many as 1,360 childbirth including 651 boys and girls in 2020 and 1,103 including 551 boys and 552 girls in 2021. Besides, a total 229 children including 112 boys and 107 girls took birth through IVF technique in the first three months of the current calendar year.

“Indore, which is a model of impressive implementation of PC-PNDT rules, has a maximum number of IVF clinics offering advanced techniques to help ‘hopeless’ couples conceiving children. Though some other major cities including Bhopal, Jabalpur and Gwalior have such medical facilities but around 60-65 childbirth through IVF clinics report in Indore, making the state’s medical-hub also pioneer in this field” Indore’s PC-PNDT Cell’s member and former member of the state advisory board Mukesh Sinha told TOI.
As per the official records, there are a total 755 oocyte donors and 40 semen donors registered in Indore. “All the oocyte donors registered in Indore are not local while some of them are from different districts and even from nearby states,” Sinha said, adding that before collecting oocyte and semen, a negative report of the tests of HIV, Hepatitis B&C, Hypertension-diabetes, blood group Rh type, sexually transmitted disease, genetic disorders like Thalassemia are sought from the donors.
According to Archana Sahay, one of the members of state’s PC-PNDT Cell, “There is no doubt that Indore is emerging as ‘IVF Hub’ for having many clinics offering advanced techniques and better implementation of PC-PNDT Cell by the district administration that assure that clients to get the best ‘treatment’ of their problems”
The Centre in February this year released a gazette notification that is expected to bring more clarity in operation of IVF clinics and implementation of PC-PNDT rules. The same are expected to remove ‘gray areas’, if any, along with strengthening monitoring over illegal sex determination and termination of pregnancy, improving mother and child mortality rate along with sex ratio at birth, the experts said.