Innovative Fertility Specialists: Providing patients with affordable, high-quality fertility care

Dr. Karen Hammond, a founding partner of Innovative Fertility Specialists, has practiced reproductive endocrinology and infertility since 1985 — only four years after the birth of America’s first IVF baby.

Over the decades, she has learned that patients who long for a baby will do just about anything to fulfill their dream. However, only about 10% of the patients who need advanced fertility care are able to undergo treatment, primarily for financial reasons because most IVF cycles cost between $12,000 and $30,000.

“Those fees are beyond the means of most women and couples,” Dr. Hammond says. Some patients borrow money or use high interest credit cards to pay for the treatments and incur serious debt. Dr. Hammond’s goal at Innovative Fertility Specialists is to provide patients with affordable, high-quality fertility care.

“We strive to help the 90% of patients who cannot otherwise undergo treatment, by offering IVF for approximately $5,000,” she says.

She and her team do it using the INVOcell device, an alternative to traditional IVF. The INVOcell allows egg and sperm to fertilize in a small container, about the size of a thumb, inside the body.

“Knowledge and technology for fertility treatment has advanced greatly in such a short period of time,” Dr. Hammond says. And patients don’t have to sacrifice quality care at Innovative Fertility Specialists.

“Although our fees are low, our standard for care of our patients is second to none,” Dr. Hammond says.

“We’ve assembled a team of wonderful, caring, like-minded people who love our patients and our mission,” she says.