Inverness woman shares IVF struggle in new book

Vivienne Taylor.

Vivienne Taylor has written Love Will Find a Way, detailing her journey with IVF treatment which eventually led to her having a baby girl.

Ms Taylor (45) was struggling to get pregnant, however, before undergoing three rounds of IVF and using different therapies and drugs.

She said: “If you focus on what you want, and focus on the positives, you can do anything. If something does not work out the way you wanted, take a step back reassess and get yourself in the best possible position.

“What will be will be, but if you are in the best possible position you can roll with the punches and know you have done all you can. Be positive, stay positive and grateful always.”

The author runs a holistic business called Karmic-wellbeing based on the Black Isle.

During the lockdown, she found herself writing about her struggles and sharing videos to Youtube to help other women on the same journey.

The book covers her personal story of love and loss, and shares poems, hints and tips aimed at helping other women in a similar situation.

Baby Charlotte with their dogs Caley and Bella.Baby Charlotte with their dogs Caley and Bella.

She wanted it to be a positive message to those who are struggling to get pregnant, and has included a list of links that helped her on her own journey.

Ms Taylor gave birth 16 months ago, during lockdown. Her partner, Craig MacPherson, was not allowed into some of the scans due to restrictions, and Ms Taylor spent much of her labour alone.

The couple are now expecting their second child and Ms Taylor has already started writing again.

She added: “I would like to thank all the staff at both Aberdeen Fertility Centre for all their help on our journey and of course Raigmore Hospital for the safe delivery of our beautiful baby girl.”

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