Is Amy Slaton-Halterman pregnant? ‘1000-lb Sisters’ star announces due date of baby no 2

For the cast of ‘1000-lb Sisters’ dealing with Tammy Slaton throughout this season has not been easy. With nearly all her siblings having tried to help her at some point, it seems as though Tammy doesn’t want to help herself. With Chris mentioning that they should make her the ward of the state, Tammy’s siblings have tried to put their life on hold for her.

Amy certainly seems to be dealing with the brunt of the issue, as she lives right next door and has been her sister’s primary caretaker for the longest time. But it now looks like Amy herself is more than ready to move on, seeing that she and Michael have purchased their first home together. Also, while Amy mentioned that she wanted Gage to have a forever home and never have to worry about a roof over his head, it turns out Gage might be getting more than just that as he is soon going to be an older brother! Amy is, in fact, pregnant with baby no 2!


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While Season 3 of ‘1000-lb Sisters’ sees Amy talk about getting pregnant again and the risks that might follow, it turns out the reality star is already execting. Amy and Michael took to YouTube to share a video announcing the news. Amy also shared photos of her ultrasound when she was around seven weeks pregnant. Although they don’t know the sex of the child just yet, baby no 2 who they currently refer to as ‘Beanie’, is expected to be born on July 18 via a C-section, Amy revealed.

She also mentioned that she would be getting her’ tubes tied’ after. She and Michael were not only excited for the latest addition to their growing family but were also happy that Gage would now be a big brother. While there were risks with her first pregnancy, Amy explained that she falls under the high-risk category because she has diabetes and had a gastric bypass. But seeing that she is currently 34 and wanted to have her second child before she turned 35, it seems to have worked out.



Fans were supportive of Amy and wished her nothing but the best. “I remember the sadness in your eyes when you wanted to lose weight just so you can have children and look at you guys and how you’ve accomplished your dreams and have made an example of what a hard work and perseverance can do. Congratulations for you both.” comment a fan under the video. “The joy on your face when you said, “Gage is gonna be a big brother!” is so beautiful to see! You can also visibly see in your face and arms that you’ve been continuing to lose weight. You are honestly such an inspiration for turning your life around and getting your health under control. ♥️” added another.

‘1000-lb Sisters’ airs on Monday at 10/9 c on TLC.

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