Is Britney Spears pregnant or did she have another baby?

Britney Spears has left fans confused with her cryptic Instagram post. The singer’s caption asking fans to guess if it’s a “boy or a girl” has everyone wondering if she is either pregnant or if she just had another baby.

On November 17, she posted a picture of a baby standing on tiptoe alongside a pair of bare feet with the caption, “I’m thinking about having another baby”

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Britney Spears’ IG post has everyone wondering if she’s pregnant

Perhaps, the same thought might cross your mind on watching Britney’s latest Instagram post that shows her cradling something or someone with a feeding bottle in one hand.

The video is shot before a Christmas tree and the singer has teased in her caption that it’s a “New addition to the family”

“Guess if it’s a boy or a girl … thank you again baby @samasghari !!!!”, she has written, addressing her boyfriend.

The post went viral within no time as a large number of fans began trying to guess what’s in the singer’s hand and if her latest post is her way of announcing that she’s pregnant.

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What is she holding, according to fans?

Some fans are trying to come to terms with the fact that Britney could have in fact announced her pregnancy.

However, neither the singer nor her boyfriend has confirmed the news. Furthermore, there hasn’t been any official report regarding the same.

But, some of her followers are convinced that Britney is talking about welcoming a pet as the “new addition” to the family.

Many are guessing that it’s either a puppy or a kitten that she’s seen cradling.

As nothing is official just yet, we’ll have to wait until Britney confirms what her Instagram post is all about before making any assumptions of our own.

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Singer wants to have another child

Britney’s desire to have another child, as she had expressed previously, is another reason why many are convinced she’s either pregnant or just had another baby.

In June, during her conservatorship battle, the singer said, “I would like to progressively move forward and I want to have the real deal. I want to be able to get married and have a baby.”

She claimed that the “IUD” inside her was preventing her from getting pregnant.

Now that the singer is finally free, she might be considering getting pregnant, but we can only wait until she reveals more details.

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