Is Kailyn Lowry married? Teen Mom slams pregnancy rumors in Instagram live 

Teen Mom alumni Kailyn Lowry slammed rumors about her pregnancy in a recent Instagram live stream, where she criticized viewers for asking rude questions. During the live, she said:

“You all have to stop asking people if they’re pregnant! That’s not okay! You would never ask a normal person if they were pregnant. That’s so rude!”

She added that just because she has gained weight, it does not mean she is pregnant.

Lowry has four children. Among them, she shares her 8-year-old son Lincoln Marshall with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin. Her marriage to Marroquin was her only one, and it lasted for six years before the couple got divorced in 2017.

Apart from Lincoln, Katie is also a mom to 12-year-old Isaac Elliot Rivera, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera. That apart, she also shares 5-year-old Lux Lowry and 2-year-old Creed Lopez with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Rumors regarding a fifth pregnancy began to go around after the 30-year-old started dating Elijah Scott earlier this year. While the couple kept details about their relationship private, Kailyn Lowry did share that she might be open to having a child with Elijah.

What sparked Kailyn Lowry’s pregnancy rumors?

The Game of Clone actress was spotted with 24-year-old Elijah Scott earlier this year. Elijah was Kailyn’s neighbor before he moved in with her sometime in July 2022.

The pregnancy rumors began when Kailyn Lowry reveleved that she would be open to the idea of a fifth child, saying:

“Ah, I don’t know. Like the idea of starting over. My youngest [son, Creed] is about to be two, but my boyfriend doesn’t have kids of his own, so it could go either way.”

She had also expressed openness about getting married a second time. While addressing a question on her Instagram that asked if she ever wanted to get married again, the reality star said:

“I always say it depends on the day y’all ask. And today I would say, it would be considered in the right circumstances.”

While the couple is rumored to have broken up, there is no concrete evidence backing it.

Kailyn Lowry said that the paparazzi followed her everywhere


In one of the episodes of her podcast, Coffee Convos, Lowry revealed that a white Fiat followed her around Deleware for three days.

She claimed that she was frustrated at the way the papparazzi followed her everywhere. She explained:

“I’m frustrated because I literally felt like I couldn’t even shower naked because I felt like someone was watching me. Because they’ve been outside my house. They follow me everywhere I go. I literally have 10 pictures in my phone of every place I went yesterday and they follow me.”

She also revealed that she freaked out and went to the police, but was threatened with a felony charge because she didn’t mention that her stalkers could be paparazzi. She explained:

“I went to the police for help and they told me because I left out information — I guess that they were paparazzi –that I wasted resources. But I didn’t know it mattered that they were paparazzi.”

She continued by saying that while it felt funny in the beginning, it has now made her uncomfortable to even use the bathroom.

Kailyn Lowry is an American television personality famous for her appearance in the reality TV show Teen Mom 2. She belongs to Pennsylvania, United States and currently lives in Deleware.

She has appeared in numerous TV shows like Game of Clones, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, 16 and Pregnant, and others, and hosts her own podcast called Coffee Convos.

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