Is There Hope After IVF? 4 Reasons to Consider Frozen Egg Donation for Building Your Family ⋆ The Costa Rica News

Look at any treatment comparison chart and you’re bound to notice frozen donor eggs come with high chances of pregnancy success. However, impressive success rates don’t necessarily make it easier for those already undergoing other fertility treatments to make the leap into egg donation. After all, giving up a genetic connection to your child isn’t an easy decision to make.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options, you might be surprised to learn how beneficial the donor egg process can be for anyone who dreams of having a child.

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The Benefits of Frozen Egg Donation

There are many misunderstandings about using donor eggs to conceive. Frozen donor egg cycles come with an impressive collection of advantages people should know about before deciding how to continue their infertility treatment process.

You’ll Still Have the Chance to Experience Pregnancy & Delivery

When someone has completed multiple IUIs or IVF cycles with no positive pregnancy tests or viable pregnancies, their first instinct might be to consider adoption or surrogacy. While these options offer amazing opportunities to prospective parents, they can’t provide the chance to experience pregnancy and delivery firsthand.

In contrast, egg donation still allows the momentous experience of childbirth to happen.

Nothing else compares to those gentle kicks from the inside and first cries after bringing your child into the world.

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You’ll Have a Large Pool of Egg Donors to Choose From

In situations where someone chooses adoption, surrogacy, or even fresh egg donation, they’ll have limited say in who helps them bring their child into the world.

For example, when using fresh donor eggs, you typically need a donor who lives nearby. Since a donor and recipient’s reproductive cycles need to be synchronized for this process to succeed, easy access to both individuals is crucial.

On the other hand, frozen donor eggs are ready for use when you are.

Additionally, they come from a wide range of different people from all corners of the country and possibly internationally. When you’re ready to pick your donor, you can choose them based on whatever parameters you’re looking for.

You can feel confident your egg donor will have been thoroughly screened before their eggs were accepted into a donor egg program.

This screening process includes several types of tests and evaluations, including but not limited to:

  • Medical screenings
  • Background checks
  • Drug tests
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Genetic screenings
  • And more

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The Frozen Egg Donor Process is Simpler Than You Might Think

It isn’t unusual for people to assume using a frozen egg donor will be complicated. On the contrary, it’s quite simple.

Since the eggs are readily available when you are, they can be shipped to your fertility clinic whenever you’re ready to start the process. Your body will be prepared using various medications, such as estrogen and progesterone, to ensure your endometrial lining and uterus are ready to accept an embryo.

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Frozen Egg Donation: The Fertility Solution You Should Think About

Did you know traditional IVF cycles only offer a 20 – 35% success rate on average?

Considering the cost and physical challenges of this process, those numbers aren’t very high. Comparatively, frozen donor eggs can yield up to a 61% (ongoing per egg lot) chance of a positive pregnancy test depending on the egg bank you receive your eggs from, such as Donor Egg Bank USA.

The difference in these numbers is astounding.

Struggling through infertility is one of the most complicated, overwhelming, and taxing experiences you can endure. All too often, it can seem like there’s no answer to your reproductive challenges.

Don’t give up without exploring all your options.

Using a frozen egg donor might just be the solution you want and need to start your family.


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