ITV Good Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley fumes at police guest over pregnant daughter’s stolen car

Richard Madeley took his opportunity to quiz a police chief over his own personal gripe with the forces during his latest appearance on Good Morning Britain. The presenter was back at the helm of the ITV news programme on Tuesday (May 24) alongside Susanna Reid.

The pair were joined on the show Sir Dave Thompson, Chief Constable for West Midlands Police, who was on hand to talk about the police’s new pledge to have a zero tolerance to racism.

However, Richard had his own line of questioning after his pregnant daughter Chloe’s car was stolen a matter of weeks ago and claimed the police did not investigate it.

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“There is widespread dissatisfaction with the way the police respond to complaints of burglaries and car thefts. They’re barely investigated, let alone leading to any charges,” the 66-year-old started. “Burglary used to be seen as a very serious crime by the police force and those who suffer it say it’s one of the worst things that’s ever happened in terms of an encounter with criminality.”

He then asked the Chief Constable if he’d been burgled himself to which he revealed he had been many years ago, describing it as “one of the most invasive crimes you can go through.”

After Susanna shared how only fiver per cent of burglaries in 2021 were solved, Richard fumed at the show’s guest over his family’s own experience. “And car thefts, they’re barely investigated at all and I can speak from personal experience. My own daughter’s car was stolen of the drive of our home a few weeks ago and within an hour, she’d been given a crime number and a statement from the police saying they weren’t going to investigate and yet the car was probably within 50 miles. They didn’t even take the registration number to try and spot it and that is a typical story! Why isn’t car theft investigated more?”

Sir Dave Thompson, Chief Constable for West Midlands Police was on the show

Mr Thompson then replied: “When a crime is reported to the police, we have to make a very early evidential assessment, whether or not actually to launch a specific investigation after that is right to do. Of course, when the registration number is taken, the use on ANPR systems we’ve got, it’s not that we’re not looking out for those vehicles.”

Richard’s daughter Chloe, whom he shares with presenter wife Judy Finnegan, announced she was expecting her first child with former rugby star James Haskell. Richard helped James reveal the happy news during an appearance on GMB back in February. He was on the ITV show to chat about the release of his book in paperback when Richard said he’d have a ‘personal question’ for him later.

When the time came, James replied: “Well Richard, Chloe and I are expecting our first child. We’re are going to be having a little girl and you are going to be a grandfather once again!”

A picture of Chloe, while holding up a pink, fluffy sleepsuit, appeared on screen as she stood with her mum Judy, 73, who was holding a set of scan pictures. A beaming Richard commenting: “That’s when she gave us the news, Judy looks so happy doesn’t she?”

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