Jada Pinkett Smith is not pregnant in 2022

Jada Pinkett Smith’s fans have flooded Twitter with posts about the celebrity expecting another child.

Many are seen asking if Will Smith’s wife is pregnant in 2022 and it simply isn’t true.

As speculations surrounding the Smith family are taking over the Internet, let us explain how these rumors began.

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Is Jada Pinkett Smith Pregnant?

No, Jada isn’t pregnant with her third child.

Neither she nor Will has spoken about expecting another baby and there are no official reports to confirm the same.

Furthermore, the latest pictures shared by Jada on Instagram do not hint at pregnancy either.

The 50-year-old posted a picture with Will and Eric Schmidt on February 9 and there isn’t the slightest baby bump you can spot.

HITC has reached out to Jada for a comment. However, the actress is yet to respond at the time of publishing this article.

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Here’s how the rumor started

On February 8, MTO News claimed that they are hearing a ‘strong rumor’ saying Jada is pregnant. However, there is absolutely no evidence to back these claims.

A source reportedly told the outlet that the Season 5 of Red Table Talks will focus on “Jada Pinkett and pregnancy.”

But, when asked if she is pregnant, the insider responded: “I don’t know if Jada is pregnant, but she’s going to do a whole show on older women getting pregnant.”

Jada’s upcoming show on older women getting pregnant is the reason why rumours about the 50-year-old carrying a baby went viral across social media, leaving fans confused.

Shining Vale | Official Trailer | STARZ



Shining Vale | Official Trailer | STARZ






Fans react to pregnancy rumors

Jada’s fans are shocked and confused after coming across rumors claiming she is pregnant.

One tweeted: “Saw somebody say Jada Pinkett pregnant, saw another tweet say it’s actually Jada, Wizkid’s child’s mom, then saw something else alleging Tems is the one pregnant…my eyes burn”

Another confused fan asked: “Why’d I just read Jada Pinkett is pregnant.”

Adding to the above tweet, another questioned: “Jada Pinkett is pregnant???”

Jada and Will welcomed their son Jaden in 1998 and daughter Willow in 2000.

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