Jeannie Mai Recalls Starting IVF Treatments On Her Wedding Day | Celebrities

Jeannie Mai’s pregnancy journey has been a tough but currently successful one.

The Real co-host and husband Jeezy announced last month that they’re expecting their first child together after they experienced a chemical pregnancy earlier this year.

Via a recently-published video on her YouTube channel Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai, the mom-to-be gives viewers a myriad of details about her pregnancy thus far.

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Mai says now that she’s five months along in her pregnancy she remembers starting vitro fertilization (IVF0 shots on her wedding day back in March.

“The very day of our wedding, March 27, we started our in vitro shots. Went for about two weeks, doing the shots with Jeezy and preparing for it,” she says, explaining her and Jeezy went in for a “routine appointment” and was told after getting off a plane later that they conceived naturally.

“Of course if a doctor is calling you after any doctor’s appointment you start flipping out. … I get off the plane, I call the doctor, and the doctor is like, ‘Stop taking your shots. You’re pregnant. You guys got pregnant on your own,’” she added. “We got pregnant a week after the wedding.”

On September 20, Jeannie Mai shared her pregnancy news on Instagram, writing, “When the heart sees what has been invisible to the eye … I have never been this thankful to feel so alive. Here come the Jenkins.”

Watch the full segment below.