Jenelle Evans Responds to Rumors That She’s Pregnant With Baby #4

You see, there are a lot of things I don’t like about General Evans.

She is a prejudice, known as a child and animal cruelty, and allows her husband to be abused. Remember that time, as if you needed another reason. General wanted the death of an American soldier A person who was about to be dispatched overseas.

For a list of why I like Genel … well, I’ll let you know if you think of anything.

But we don’t remind you that Genel is a terrible person just to enjoy it.

Believe it or not, this is our way to come to her defense!

You see, we’ve always stuck to our claim that there’s no reason Imitate the appearance of Genel..

All forms of social media bullying, especially those with body shaming, are unacceptable.

Many have targeted Genel for this particular brand of trash talk, but it has little to do with her appearance and seems to have something to do with all the trash she speaks for herself.

Either way, it’s not cool.

Genel’s physique reappeared this week when she posted a video in which she could be seen dancing in a bikini in the backyard.

General Evans shakes it

Easy to mock Genel danceHowever, we commented that instead of guessing she was pregnant, she was sticking to roasting her because of her terrible movements.

“I’m pregnant again,” one user commented on the video. according to Touching.

Thankfully, some other viewers turned to Genel’s defense, pointing out that while there are many good reasons to dislike her, her appearance is not one of them.

General Evans Labor Day Photo

“She has three children. There are many things she can hate, her body is not one of them,” wrote one commentator.

“It certainly doesn’t look pregnant, but you sound angry,” another added.

In this case, the good people outnumbered the bad ones, and commentators seemed to be well aware of the situation, but Genel never missed a conflict or drama opportunity.

Genel has a podcast

So she made another video in response to a random commenter who suggested that she appear to be pregnant.

“Well, no, it’s dirty. That’s what a natural body looks like. And if you don’t like it, close your eyes and don’t open it again,” Genel lip-synched. ..

“The next time you breathe? Don’t.”

Jenelle Evans: Pregnant With Baby # 4

Yeah, she went a little too far there at the end, but that’s what Genel does, right?

She would say that it was “just a joke” that she encouraged people to stop breathing, but random trolls could make the same claim about their comments.

Genel really had moral heights there for a moment, and she made it effective.

General Evans drinks white nails

Anyway, there’s no reason to think Genel is pregnant, and it’s incredibly rude to guess based on photos alone.

In addition, if Genel is knocked up by a fourth child, White Claw’s inventory will plummet overnight, so you’ll know right away.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s an acceptable Gene Evans humor!

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