Jessica Simpson Recalls Scary Hospital Experience While Pregnant – Billboard

Jessica Simpson‘s Instagram is filled to the brim with adorable photos of her eight-year-old son Ace and her daughters, nine-year-old Maxwell and two-year-old Birdie. With Birdie smiling from ear to ear in every photo, it’s hard to believe that Simpson had a terrifying moment while pregnant with her youngest daughter.


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In a new Bloomberg Businessweek cover story published on Wednesday (Jan. 5), the singer and business owner recalled the moment she took back control of her beloved fashion empire in 2019, as she was lying on a hospital bed while 34 weeks pregnant.

My best friends!!

— Jessica Simpson (@JessicaSimpson) September 21, 2021

Simpson had severe bronchitis and was on a breathing machine. “Her oxygen levels were dropping. I couldn’t breathe,” she recalled of the terrifying moment. “I was 260 pounds. She was a very big baby. We were like, ‘Just take her out.’ ”

Thankfully, the doctors were able to stabilize Birdie and she wasn’t delivered that day, and the now-two-year-old is happy and healthy.

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