Judge orders pregnant woman’s immediate prison sentence after her positive drug test | Crime & Courts

Heather Marie Lobdell will give birth in state prison.

Citrus County Circuit Court Judge Richard “Ric” Howard was about to give the Homosassa 33-year-old a chance to deliver her child before she began her 42-month prison sentence for trafficking in methamphetamine. 

Heather Marie Lobdell

However, Lobdell tested positive during her court hearing Monday, Sept. 27, for ingesting seven different narcotics, forcing the judge to fast track her punishment in order to keep her unborn infant safe.

“I can’t take the chance with the continued poisoning of that fetus in that woman’s body,” Howard said before addressing Lobdell. “It was all because of your choices.”

Lobdell must serve at least three years of her sentence because of the amount of meth she was dealing.

In exchange for her punishment as a habitual felony offender, Lobdell pleaded no contest to her charges of trafficking, possessing fentanyl, possessing buprenorphine and possessing drug paraphernalia.  

Lobdell’s lawyer, Bryan Caughey, asked Howard if he could postpone his client’s turn-in date until after her December expectancy date.

Howard was about to oblige the request until Assistant State Attorney Patricia Diaz asked the judge if he could order Lobdell to take a drug test.

According to Kelly Kell, Drug Court supervisor, Lobdell tested positive for meth, MDMA (ecstasy), amphetamine, opiates, oxycodone, benzodiazepine and buprenorphine.

Lobdell wasn’t pregnant when Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested her Sept. 3, 2020, at the scene of a traffic stop near South Skylark Terrace and West Holiday Street in Homosassa.  

Deputies had found four fentanyl patches close to Lobdell’s purse during their search of the vehicle Lobdell was a passenger of.

While being booked at the Citrus County jail, Lobdell removed 22 grams of meth and one buprenorphine pill from inside her genital.

According to Florida Department of Corrections records, Lobdell was sentenced in October 2012 to two years, and to a year and six months in May 2019 for drug-related offenses out of Citrus and Pasco counties.

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