Juliana Custodio Finds Out She’s Pregnant In New Video

90 Day FiancĂ© star Juliana Custodio shares a new video confirming that she’s pregnant with boyfriend Ben a month after her split with Michael Jessen.

The news of 90 Day FiancĂ© star Juliana Custodio being pregnant with her new boyfriend Ben – barely a month after her estranged husband Michael Jessen confirmed their split – has been shocking to many fans. In a new vlog, the Brazilian beauty takes fans through the journey of how she found out her biggest dream has come true: that she is finally becoming a mommy. Popular pair Juliana and Michael featured in 90 Day FiancĂ© season 7. Their storyline revolved around their huge age gap and hinted at Juliana being a gold digger with a sketchy past who only married Michael for a green card.

However, after the public announcement of their upcoming divorce, Juliana revealed that she was the one paying Michael and his family, including his ex-wife Sara and her husband’s bills throughout the year 2020. Fans showed support to Juliana and trashed Michael for being passive-aggressive in his statement and calling their failed marriage a COVID-19 casualty. Meanwhile, they also wondered why she’d said everyone would hate her in a cryptic TikTok video shared previously. Juliana’s new partner Benjamin was the first to share an Instagram Story about him expecting a baby with Juliana. Overall, most of the fans who’d applauded Juliana’s bravery accused her of cheating on Michael and leaving him after he no longer had any money.


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In her latest video titled “To Gravida?” on her YouTube channel, Juliana filmed herself doing a few pregnancy tests and looking shocked that “everything was positive.” Since the video was filmed before Juliana confirmed her pregnancy – and no one even knew that she already had a boyfriend – she predicted that she would be judged by fans. Nonetheless, Juliana also deemed that her “happiness was greater” than anything else. At 23 years old, Juliana shared that she had been trying to have a baby with Michael since they married on 90 Day FiancĂ©. However, she “never got pregnant.” She explained, “there was a time when we tried a lot and it didn’t work.” Still, according to Juliana, who is currently residing in Hamburg, “it has to be the right person or a person who will become a good father,” which Michael supposedly wouldn’t have been.

The emotional video shared by Juliana started off with her saying that she’s been seeing “signs” of pregnancy all over the place, like feeling nauseous and constantly seeing other pregnant women. As such, she casually came across a few pregnancy tests. “I have a problem, I can’t get pregnant so easily,” She stated in the video while explaining that Juliana had already talked to boyfriend Ben about it being her “dream to have a baby.” The couple seemed to have “tried” a couple of times, but it had been “a while” before she started feeling nauseous. Juliana also thanked God in the video for making her take the test three times when she went home and finding out that the result was positive.

Juliana’s happiness is truly infectious, and one can see how thankful she is to finally have become a mother. The comments from fans under the video are positive as they congratulate her and talk about how “God always has a plan.” Her supporters have asked Juliana to keep sharing her happy moments and to ignore the hateful messages she can get sometimes. They think that she and Ben will make great parents. Generally, they are happy that Juliana is living her best life in Germany after everything that led to her and Michael separating post their chaotic 90 Day FiancĂ© journey.

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Source: Juliana Custodio/YouTube

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