Juliana Reveals Weight Struggles While Being Pregnant

90 Day Fiancé cast member Juliana Custodio is pregnant with her first baby. The model reveals how gaining weight is affecting her professionally.

Former 90 Day FiancĂ© star Juliana Custodio struggles with weight loss while being pregnant with her and boyfriend Ben Obscura’s first baby. Juliana from 90 Day FiancĂ© season 7 got married to Michael Jessen during her short stint in the U.S.A. Juliana and Michael’s marriage fell apart within two years, and in November 2021, Juliana revealed she was expecting a baby with her new partner in Germany. Juliana has since been journaling about her pregnancy on Instagram, as well as asking for advice from her followers.

When Juliana was with Michael, she was accused of being a gold digger by viewers who thought she married him for money. However, Juliana has always slammed her critics by talking about her successful modeling career. The Goiana native started working when she was eight years old, and by the time she was 12, Juliana was working three jobs. When she worked as a seamstress, Juliana dreamed of being the one who wore the lovely clothes she was stitching. The only other dream that Juliana had was to start her own family.


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During an Instagram Q&A session, a 90 Day Fiancé viewer asked Juliana how she feels about her body changing during her pregnancy. Juliana shared a photo from early in her pregnancy in her reply. She pointed out that her modeling career impacts how she feels about gaining weight. However, Juliana’s attitude about it changed once she could feel the baby move and began to think about how she could best nourish him. Check out Juliana’s stories about her pregnancy weight gain below:

Juliana Custodio Pregnant Baby Weight Loss In 90 Day Fiance

Juliana was recently called out for not embracing her pregnancy when she shared that she’s looking forward to starting work again. The critics thought that Juliana posting throwback photos from before she was pregnant meant she was not embracing her motherhood in the right way. Based on her new statements, it’s clear that she’s excited to be a parent but has understandably struggled with some parts of pregnancy. Considering how tough the modeling world can be, it makes sense that Juliana felt some apprehension about gaining weight, even during pregnancy.

Luckily, Juliana has 90 Day FiancĂ© supporters who know it’s just her wanting to do what makes her happy. Working and being a mother is all that Juliana’s ever wished for, and she’s someone who will likely be able to juggle her two responsibilities successfully. Hopefully, she continues to keep her followers updated on her pregnancy will all of the refreshing honesty they’ve come to expect from the 90 Day Fiancé star.

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