Karva Chauth: Fasting Do’s and Don’ts for pregnant women | Health

Karva Chauth is almost here (October 24) and it is that time of the year when married women keep a day-long fast to pray for their husbands’ long lives, deck up in traditional finery, and decorate their palms with beautiful mehendi designs. Karva Chauth fast however is not advised for pregnant women who are undergoing a lot of changes in their body and may face health issues due to not having water throughout the day.

If pregnant women still want to go ahead with the fast, they should not skip water during the fast and must consult their gynecologist, especially if they are struggling with any pregnancy-related health issue.

“It is in fact, best to take advise from your doctor if you are struggling from any ailment or conditions or even if you are completely healthy,” says Nutritionist Preety Tyagi, Lead Health Coach and Founder of MY22BMI.

Here are few tips you can keep in mind while keeping your Karva Chauth fast during pregnancy:

Start your day with a glass of milk

Your body needs fuel for the entire day and to ensure this one must give a proper start to the day. “Make sure you start your day with a glass of milk and can also have vermicelli as part of your sargi. It’s a high carb and high calcium start to the day and will ensure good nutrition for you even while you are fasting,” says Tyagi.

“Starting a day with a glass of lukewarm milk with some mixed dry fruits and nuts could keep you full,” says Dietician Garima Goyal.

Take adequate rest

It is important to not exert yourself and take rest during the day while fasting. “A woman’s body is already working extra hard in pregnancy, care must be taken to take full rest and not exert at all during fasting, as the body is missing the proper nourishment,” says Tyagi.

Keep stress at bay

Keep yourself engaged with some activities like listening to music, meditation or reading something that will divert your mind from eating, says Goyal.

Stay hydrated

Although women generally do not have water during Karva Chauth fast, if you are pregnant, you must keep yourself hydrated. “Include a lot of healthy drinks throughout the day such as fruits and fruit juices, buttermilk and coconut water etc to keep yourself rejuvenated and hydrated throughout the day,” says Tyagi.

“To avoid dehydration or condition like urinary tract infections stay hydrated by having fresh fruit juice every 2-3 hours,” says Goyal.

Karva Chauth Don’ts: Here’s what you should avoid doing

* Do not consume high calorie foods or foods that are rich in sugar as it may lead to gestational diabetes.

* Do not skip juices and fresh fruits as it will lead to weakness or maybe you will end up with a heath complication.

* Do not panic in case you feel weak or have nausea as it is due to less food and water you are consuming.

* Do not skip your medicine and supplement.

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