Kevin Gates’ lyrics have fans suspecting Dreka was pregnant

Kevin Gates confirmed he and Dreka had split in his Super General Freestyle, but sharp-eared fans noticed he also hinted the star was pregnant.

Dreka and Kevin’s relationship became the talk of the town after the American rapper dropped Super General Freestyle. In it, he made some remarks about his marriage that alleged he was cheated on.

The rapper did not hesitate to throw shade at Dreka as he made some shocking remarks such as the allegations that suggested Dreka was pregnant.

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When did Dreka get pregnant by someone else?! I missed something.

— K.Walk (@PharmaSKEE) June 10, 2022

The lyrics of his new rap explored

On Thursday, the rapper made some bombshell allegations when he released his new song. One thing that fans found hard to digest was that Kevin hinted Dreka had cheated on him and had a baby with someone else. The lyrics that had everyone confused went as follows:

So she went, made the safer choice and had a baby with her new n***a
Now she say she made a mistake, deep down, her heart wasn’t really in it
We was laid up, I ain’t answer when the hitter lost the shipment
Poured my heart out, I may fly again, you hurt me, I’m out the picture
Stressin’ ’bout me during yo’ pregnancy, your baby now resemble me
Went home to sleep, deep down, there’s tension when you knowin’ that somethin’ missin’

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Sneak Peek | Netflix

Since Kevin spoke about “baby” and “pregnancy” fans think Dreka was pregnant. However, the timeline of all this has many confused as some wonder if they missed a chapter of their relationship. Meanwhile, there are others who suggest that those lyrics were not about Dreka, but another girl.

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Dreka did NOT go and have a baby on Kevin Gates he was talking about another girl he was messing around with . They ended up calling it quits because of his “ Mob Ties “ .. She moved on and got pregnant ! 🙄

— Goal Digger ✨💸 (@Gangstarellaaa) June 10, 2022

When did Kevin and Dreka Gates get married?

Dreka and Kevin had been together for nearly 18 years. In October 2020, Dreka posted an Instagram tribute wishing the rapper as they completed 17 years together. They tried the knot in 2015 and are proud parents to two kids: Khaza Kamil Gates and Islah Koren Gates.

Kevin has always spoken highly about his relationship until he had dropped the song. In an interview with Complex, Kevin even referred to Dreka as his pillar. At the same time, the rapper admitted Dreka had forgiven him for a lot of things that he had gotten wrong.

Dreka Instagram

A look at what Dreka has been up to

While Kevin has been busy dropping the new song, Dreka has been fairly active on social media. Just a couple of hours after the rapper dropped Super General, Dreka took to social media and posted an Instagram story that showed her relaxing while filling the bathtub with some hot water.

She noted: “Time to relax and reset.” As of now, she has not made any official statement regarding some of the allegations Kevin has made in his song.

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