Kiss Cam surprise: Husband stunned by pregnancy announcement at Orlando Magic game

ORLANDO, Fla. — A man was left stunned after the Orlando Magic helped his wife give him the news she was pregnant during their game’s “Kiss Cam” interlude on Wednesday, November 24.

In footage posted by the Magic, father-to-be James is seen laughing with his wife before realizing he is on the Kiss Cam screen. His jaw then drops as he reads the message telling him he’s about to become a dad.

After the surprise, James told Fox 35 Orlando, “I saw the ‘Kiss Cam,’ I saw the camera up on me. I figured alright, we’re on the Kiss Cam, that’s pretty cool, we’ve always wanted to do something like that. And I looked up on the screen and saw, ‘Congrats James! You are going to be a dad!’ and that’s just when my jaw dropped. Just total shock at that moment.”

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