Letter: Pregnant? Keep the child, if possible – Post Bulletin

Life begins at conception. We know that now and have known it for awhile. The little heartbeat of the baby is beating and embryo is growing. Once you are pregnant, you lost your right to choose. If you abort, you are murdering a human being. When a person kills a woman who is pregnant, that person is charged with 2 murders.

Keep the child if at all possible. If you carry the baby to full term and just do not have resources to keep him or her, give to the hospital. You have 3 days to change your mind. Give the baby up for adoption to parents who are desperately wanting a child.

We all have a brain — use it. If do not want a child, use contraception. Birth control pills are easy to take.

I urge everyone to vote against abortion. Let’s get rid of Roe Vs Wade and Planned Parenthood.

Alice M. Atkinson, Lake City