Letter to the editor: All human life is valuable | Winchester Star

Thank you to Teri Merrill for pointing out the obvious in her Dec. 4 Open Forum, “Be careful what you wish for.” She asks, “Guess who will be born?” and then proceeds to list a variety of babies. Yes, Babies! Babies who will grow into adults because their lives have been protected from abortion.

Where will they be welcome, these babies Teri listed (poor, wealthy, gay, brown, black, white, healthy, sick, disabled)? In our churches and our community. How do I know? Because they’re already represented there, and we stand together in solidarity. Not only will these babies be welcome but so will their mothers and fathers.

If the Supreme Court reverses or restricts Roe v Wade, there are ways to help women who find themselves pregnant. Reproductive education can be improved. Adoptions can be encouraged, and the adoption process can be made easier and less expensive (average cost $28,000). According to the CDC, 8.8% of married women aged 15-49 are infertile and the rate of infertility increases 5%-10% per year; can these be potential adoptive families? Men can be encouraged to accept the responsibilities of fatherhood. Communities can work together to build strong families. The welfare system can be reworked so marriage and family are not disincentives to receiving aid and benefits. Your time, treasure, and talents can be used to support local groups such as New Eve Maternity Home, AbbaCare and CCAP.

All human life is valuable and has dignity. The preborn, the disabled, the sick, and the dying.

Mary Martinez

Frederick County