Lisa Rinna – ‘No One Tells You How to Do This’ or ‘Let Go’ After Mother’s Stroke

A tearful Lisa Rinna from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills opened up about her mother’s stroke, sharing that no one tells you how to let go of someone you love and that death isn’t discussed.

Rinna shared that her 93-year old mother Lois had a stroke on Wednesday, Nov. 10. Rinna recently shared that she’s getting a “crash course” on how to lose a loved one. And she appears to be devastated.

Lisa Rinna has ’empathy for anyone who goes through this’

Rinna shared a candid video on Instagram, sharing that she is preparing to lose her mother. “You know, nobody tells you how to do this. You know, there’s not a handbook,” she said while fighting back tears.

Lisa Rinna from RHOBH discusses her mother’s stroke |Jesse Grant/WireImage

Rinna looked as though she’d been crying for some time. “There’s never a way [sigh] to be ready, let go,” she continued. “And when you need to watch it, and I mean, we’re blessed to be able to be here and be with her. You know, we’re just not taught that death is OK and that we’re just never … It’s never talked about. And we’re never told that it’s OK to let go. I mean, it’s like a crash course all of a sudden when one of your loved ones is in this position, and especially your mom or your dad. And I have such empathy for everyone who’s gone through this.”

Lois Rinna is being remembered through her dancing

Rinna posted two videos of her mother dancing in the kitchen. The latest video she captioned it with, “My hero.” The video she posted immediately after her mother’s stroke included a dedication to her mother.

“I know how much you appreciate and LOVE Lois so I need to tell you that she has had a stroke, I am with her now, So lets celebrate her and send her so much love while she transitions. I was so conflicted to share this very very sad news with you, but I know you would want to know,” Rinna wrote.

Today My Mom, Lois Rinna is 93! We love her so much, you all love her, so let’s get up and Dance for Lois Now!!!


You are the Queen!!! ❤️✨♊️

— lisa rinna (@lisarinna) June 7, 2021

Rinna received a flood of messages from fans, friends, and family. Lois Rinna was featured on RHOBH several times throughout the years. Rinna’s father Frank also appeared on the show.

Lisa Rinna’s father Frank Rinna died at age 93 in 2016. She wrote a tribute to her father, which she shared on Instagram. The World lost a Great Man today……Heaven got a great Angel. I love you Dad.”

Lisa Rinna revealed that watching her parents age was hard

Lisa Rinna reflected on watching her parents age and how hard it was to see them in pain. “It’s so hard living as far from my aging parents as I do,” she blogged in 2015. “As blessed as I feel to still have both of my parents here on this earth with me, it’s hard to know that my dad just doesn’t want to be here anymore. I thank God every day, though, that my family, particularly my mother, has such a good sense of humor about life.”

Frank Rinna faced health issues, which he talked about on the show during one of Rinna’s visits to see her parents in Oregon.

“Laughter has helped us get through some pretty tough times together and for that I am grateful,” she blogged. “I love my parents dearly, though I think my dad’s days are numbered,” she continued. “It’s just a matter of time now. Please say prayers for him to go peacefully.”

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