‘Lokesh Made His Servant Maid A Pregnant’

The controversial video alleging Gorantla Madhav that he committed a disgraceful act ignited fire once the Superintendent of Police stated that it could be a morphed video.

In the investigation it is revealed that this video was uploaded by iTDP from a foreign country.

There has been no complaint from any woman so far stating that Gorantla Madhav misbehaved with her.

The YSRCP women wing opened up and expressed their anger on iTDP and Lokesh Naidu.

A woman leader from YSRCP spoke out- “iTDP stooped to the level of creating morphed videos to bring disgrace to the members in the ruling YCP. The role of the opposition party should be constructive but not like this.

Why did the TDP women leaders not support MRO Vanajakshi when she complained about the harassment of Chintamaneni? How can Anitha talk now?

How can Lokesh Naidu condemn the statement given by the SP regarding the morphed video? Lokesh! Are you an IPS or IAS? Do you know the subject here?

You are talking about disgraceful videos but you did enough things with women in the foreign countries when you were there as a student.

You made a servant maid pregnant but buried the facts by spending money. You have no moral right to talk about disgraceful things”.

The point to be underlined is that the women leaders from YSRCP are supporting Gorantla Madhav as no complaint was registered by any woman as a victim.