Love Capsule: I got pregnant and was forced to marry my ex

Love can take mysterious turns in life that can leave you completely devastated. At one moment I was so happy in my relationship, and the next moment, everything came crashing down. My mistakes robbed me of my dreams of being the successful, free and independent woman I wanted to be. I was in a relationship with a man I loved and was indeed very happy with how our life was going. But when he cheated on me, everything started going downhill.

On the eve of Christmas 2019, I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me. I was out to get some groceries for a feast that night when I saw my boyfriend looking frantic, standing across the mall nervously. He had gone to get some supplies but it looked like he was waiting for someone. And just then, a woman got out of her car and went up to my boyfriend and hugged him! He then sat in that woman’s car and the car sped off. I was enraged! Next, a notification popped up on my phone saying he had some urgent matter come up and he would be a bit late. How could he betray our 4-year-old relationship just like that??

That night when he came home, I didn’t say anything. I waited for all our friends to leave and then talked him into confessing his infidelity. He was so remorseful to admit how he was having an affair with a woman he had met in his gym. To make it worse, it had been going on for a few months! I slept in a separate room that night and I left for my hometown the next day. But what came next, made everything worse.

I was pregnant. I had missed my periods and I found out after a month of breaking up with him. We broke up, because I couldn’t bear to stay with a cheater. He was desperately trying to make things right but I had made up my mind. And now that I was pregnant, what was I going to do? As my mind swirled around possibilities, I couldn’t bear the thought of abortion. I was 27 and I was going to keep my child. My family had never really been supportive of my decisions, but this time, I needed their support to make it happen. And so, I had to come clean to my parents. They were ashamed and embarrassed by my actions. After listening to their taunts and ridicules, they came to the decision that I had to marry my ex. And I was terrified of that decision.

I couldn’t go against them anymore. They were determined to get me married to my ex and so, they arranged to meet up with his parents. And after listening to the whole affair, my ex and his parents were left shocked, mostly because I didn’t break this news to my ex. I just couldn’t. And so, indirectly I was forced to marry my ex, only because I was pregnant. Somewhere, maybe just a tiny bit of me was relieved that my baby was going to grow up in a family with his/her father and not with someone who wasn’t, even though I would have to compromise myself my entire life. My ex started making all sorts of efforts to take me back because he wanted to make up to me. Seeing his efforts daily for my forgiveness, I reluctantly went back to him. And then we had a grand wedding to hide the fact that we were marrying only because I was pregnant.

A part of me still feels guilty for being in a marriage where I had to compromise my feelings and respect, but I am glad that my daughter will never face the brunt of my or her father’s mistakes because we are now one, big family.

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