Maite Perroni could be pregnant, that is why she would have rushed to confirm her courtship with Andrés Tovar – CVBJ

Maite Perroni made her relationship with Andrés Tovar official after the scandal with Claudia Martín.

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Last June, Maite Perroni he lived what might be his most notorious controversy, which he has not even gotten rid of.

The magazine TVNotas published on its cover “Maite Perroni, lover of a married TV producer”, in the case of Andrés Tovar, at that time still in marriage with the actress Claudia Martín, who finally managed to discover the infidelity.

In the wake of this information that marked her as the third in contention, Perroni came out to show her face to firmly announce that she would file a defamation lawsuit after her image was severely damaged.

To the surprise of many, last October his name made the headlines again, this time with the confirmation of his courtship with Andrés. Now, just a month after that news, he is making sure that the new couple would be expecting their first child together.

It is not known for sure where the rumor started, but both the Instagram account @ chamonic3 as well as the journalist Jorge Carbajal and El Filip, owners of the YouTube channel Productora 69 where they broadcast their show program, revealed that The couple already sold the news of their pregnancy to a famous magazine and for that reason, they were forced to confirm their romance after having denied it so much.

“Baby on the way! Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar are expecting their first child. They already sold the note to a magazine so they confirmed their relationship. That’s what they told me !! Time to time, we will see in the next few days ”

@ chamonic3

The journalists, for their part, reported: “On the weekend, in an aesthetic (…) quite beautiful and quite expensive (…) Maite Perroni arrived on Saturday, and she was carrying a coffee and a donita. (…) They finish fixing Maite, she stands up, takes off her dressing gown and when she takes off her dressing gown, little sisters, what The paunch comes out, which is not so big yet, but it already brings the pregnancy belly, it already brings itThey affirmed.

They even speculated that Maite could be 3 to 4 months pregnant, because they assured that for the actress and singer to notice the bulging belly is because the gestation exceeds the first trimester.

This same week, in the program of Martha Figueroa and Juan José Origel in Unicable, journalists dared to deny this rumor, because according to the former RBD itself, they were made known.

“They told me that she was already pregnant, well no, Maite says no. We asked her directly, she said ‘No.’ She did not even tell us her manager, she said to the direct question that ‘No’ ”, they mentioned.

So far neither Maite Perroni nor Andrés Tovar have come out to clarify whether they will be parents or not, so we will have to wait.

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