ManĀ arrested for strangling pregnant wife to death with saree in Vijayawada- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

VIJAYAWADA: Nandigama assistant commissioner of police (ACP) G Nageswara Reddy said a man was arrested on the charges of murdering his pregnant wife, and produced before a judge on Saturday.Addressing the media on Saturday, ACP Reddy said Peram Bhulakshmi, who collapsed on Friday while being taken to a hospital on an 108 ambulance, married the accused, Perram Gopi from Gollamudi village, five years ago against the wishes of her parents. The couple has a girl.

On Friday afternoon, Gopi and Bhulakshmi visited Vijayawada old GGH for regular medical check up and returned home around 6 pm on a motorcycle. Upon reaching reached Perikalapadu village, Bhulakshmi complained of mild stomach pain and asked Gopi to stop the vehicle for a while.

Taking advantage of the situation, Gopi strangled her using her saree and called the ambulance for help. ā€œWhile being taken to a nearby hospital, Bhulakshmi breathed her last in the ambulance. Noticing injuries and marks on her neck, her family members lodged a complaint with the police. During investigation, Gopi admitted to his crime and confessed that he killed his wife as he suspected her fidelity, and tried to portray natural cause for his wifeā€™s death,ā€ the ACP added