Man indicted on charges he killed pregnant girlfriend, threw her toddler son off bridge | Courts

A Baton Rouge man accused of shooting his pregnant girlfriend and leaving her body in a ditch off Burbank Drive before throwing her still-living toddler son off a bridge in Central was indicted Thursday. 

Byrnnen Murphy, 20, was indicted by an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury on two counts of first-degree murder and one count of first-degree feticide in the deaths of 24-year-old Kaylen Johnson, 2-year-old Kaden Johnson and Kaylen Johnson’s unborn son, according to court records.

Murphy told Baton Rouge Police investigators that Johnson picked him up from his home in her Nissan Versa the evening of March 5 while Kaden sat buckled in the car’s back seat. After driving for a bit, the pair got into an argument and pulled over before Murphy shot and killed her, police said. Murphy moved Johnson’s body to the passenger seat of the car and drove to the 8500 block of Burbank Drive. Murphy placed Johnson’s body in a black trash bag and dumped it in a drainage ditch along the road, law enforcement said.

With Kaden still in the back seat, Murphy then drove to Central Thruway where he threw the uninjured child off an elevated and heavily wooded stretch of road over a bayou, police said.

Johnson and her son were reported missing six days later on March 11 after family members told law enforcement they couldn’t reach the young mother. 

Murphy turned himself in to police on March 14 and led investigators to the bodies, law enforcement said. 

A trial date has not been set. Murphy is being held at the West Baton Rouge Detention Center, according to court records.