Moon Juice Launches First New Skincare Product In Four Years

Moon Juice has launched its first new skincare product in four years: G Pack. The first-of-its-kind antioxidant powder booster that combines Vitamin C, Ferulic and Glutathione.


The product was formulated following founder Amanda Chantal Bacon trip to her functional medicine doctor, who was raving about the power of glutathione, which he used to treat male infertility patients. 


Working with a skin care chemist, brand scientists combined glutathione powder with a high potency Vitamin C (50%) and ferulic acid to make clean, stable, efficacious antioxidant powder. When mixed with Plump Jelly, consumers are getting the brand’s take on a CE Ferulic serum but packed with potent antioxidant, glutathione: The Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Ferulic from G Pack and the Vitamin E from Tocos in Plump Jelly.


Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E (from Plump Jelly) work synergistically with the body’s antioxidant network to potentiate each other and neutralize maximum free radicals, according to the brand. Its formula combines 10% glutathione, 50% Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), and 3% ferulic acid in their most stable forms to pack the serum with a potent dose of antioxidants. These ingredients work synergistically to fortify against damage from environmental toxins, stress, lifestyle, and blue light. Glutathione helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and dark spots. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient to help promote skin’s elasticity and aid in regeneration. Since C can lose up to half of its potency when exposed to air and light, the brand formulated 50% to ensure 20% absorption and packaged in an anhydrous bottle for further protection. Ferulic Acid helps stabilize glutathione and C. 


The formula, safe for sensitive skin, helps promote skin’s natural collagen and elasticity; minimize the appearance of fine lines and texture; visibly brighten uneven skin, dark spots, and melasma; and fortify against damage from environmental toxins, stress, lifestyle, and blue light.