Moon Knight Stars Joked About Layla Being Pregnant With Jake Lockley’s Baby

May Calamawy, who plays Layla El-Faouly/Scarlet Scarab on Disney+’s Moon Knight, had several on-set jokes with co-stars during filming, including one where the potential father of her character’s child isn’t husband Marc Spector or mild-mannered Steven Grant, but rather the ruthless and mysterious Jake Lockley.

Asked by Inverse about what sort of future married couple Layla and Marc might have in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how Jake’s appearance might affect that, Calamawy went right for her own joke. “Gosh, it’s like there are three people in there!” she quipped. She then revealed, “We used to come up with so many jokes when we were rehearsing every episode… Like, wouldn’t it be funny if Layla was pregnant with Jake’s baby?” Calamawy then expressed her hopes for more Moon Knight going forward, saying, “It just seems like we’re gonna have to wait and see whatever magic comes if, and when, we get to continue this story.”

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Calamawy stars as the first Egyptian superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Moon Knight, who differs greatly from her comic book counterparts. Scarlet Scarab is a moniker borne by two different men in the comics: Abdul Faoul and his son Mehemet, who takes up the mantle after his father dies. They both gain their powers from an artifact called the Ruby Scarab. Calamawy’s Layla doesn’t become her own version of the superhero until Episode 6, “Gods and Monsters,” when she agrees to become the temporary avatar of the goddess Taweret.

It took some intense physical training to embody the Scarlet Scarab. Calamawy recently shared a video of her workout routine, which included combat training, parkour, aerobics, and weightlifting. “It took a village to raise a Layla!” Calamawy wrote. “[Heart] to Patrick Vo our fight choreographer who sent me this BTS compilation, and everyone on the team who pushed, encouraged, and helped me along the way.”

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The actor has also expressed interest in a Scarlet Scarab spin-off. Speaking again of her desire to return to the role in a separate interview, Calamawy said, “Well, at this iteration of my life where I’m at now, I haven’t been in a movie and I would love to experience that. A Moon Knight movie would be wonderful. Now, if they are open to a Scarlet Scarab spinoff I’m not going to say no.”

Oscar Isaac, the star of Moon Knight who played all three different iterations of the character has said it’s a contained tale and there will not be a second season of the series. However, he did mention that if there was somehow a way that made sense to continue the superhero’s journey, he would be “happy to be part of it.”

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Source: Inverse

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