Mother-in-law secretly serves meat to her pregnant vegetarian daughter-in-law

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A pregnant vegetarian woman was upset after her mother-in-law lied and said her meatballs were fully vegetarian when they were actually made of pork.

The woman shared her story on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum and asked her fellow Redditors how to handle the situation. She shared that, in addition to serving her meat and lying about it, her mother-in-law has been ignoring her personal boundaries in multiple ways throughout her pregnancy.

The woman started by explaining that for the entirety of her marriage, her mother-in-law, Marie, has struggled to accept her vegetarian diet.

“We would go for dinner a lot and every single time, it would be something with meat in it, despite Marie knowing that I can’t eat it,” the woman wrote. “I would usually just eat whatever sides there were and leave the meat, until she started frying things in goose fat/adding bacon to veggies, saying it gave it a better flavor.”

The woman’s husband, Dan, asked his mom to stop serving so much meat, but she ignored him.

“Whenever we ate with his parents from then on, we either went to a restaurant or they came to our house,” the woman continued. “I was always nice to her even when I was angry and she was always nice to me and didn’t think it was worth arguing over.”

Not respecting boundaries

Now the author is pregnant. She admits that her mother-in-law has been helping her around the house during her pregnancy, which, the author said, she appreciated at first. However, lately, she has been finding herself more and more frustrated with her mother-in-law.

“She’s generally very ‘on top of me’ and I know she’s just an excited first-time grandma, but she probably asks me, ‘How’s the little man?’ and ‘When do I get to meet that little baby?’ a hundred times a day,” the woman shared. “Some things feel a little creepy though, like always asking if he’s moving/kicking and putting her hands on/rubbing/kissing my belly constantly.”

Things escalated recently when the mother-in-law served the pregnant woman meat without her knowledge.

Story continues

“She made me ‘vegetarian’ meatballs in a thick, flavorful sauce and I was honestly impressed,” the woman wrote. “Shortly after eating, I started feeling incredibly nauseous and threw up, which was odd since I haven’t had morning sickness or any other nausea in months.”

When the author’s husband confronted his mother, she confessed the meatballs weren’t vegetarian after all.

“Dan confronted Marie and eventually she admitted that they weren’t veggie meatballs, they were pork, which I haven’t eaten in almost twenty years so my body immediately rejected it,” she wrote. “We threw her out of the house and she hasn’t stopped trying to come over or contact us since, begging me to forgive her.”

Now, the woman wants to know if she reacted appropriately, and how to move forward with her mother-in-law.

“She literally lied to your face …”

Most Redditors were horrified by the woman’s story and outraged that her mother-in-law would serve her meat without her knowledge.

“Your mother-in-law has been disrespecting you all of this relationship,” one Redditor wrote.

“This isn’t a ‘small’ thing at all. She literally lied to your face in order to disrespect your bodily autonomy – and more importantly, poisoned you,” another Redditor chimed in.

“It’s time for firm boundaries!” suggested another Redditor.

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