Mum-of-eight stuns followers revealing she was pregnant for 12 years in a row – World News

A mum-of-eight shared the amazing story of how she was pregnant for 12 years straight and left social media users gobsmacked at how good she looked

Social media users were left amazed at how good she looked after eight pregnancies

A mum -of-eight has wowed her followers after she revealed she was pregnant for 12 years straight as she shared an incredible story.

A video that went viral online showed one mum’s amazing tale as she revealed how she was pregnant every year between 2000 and 2012.

Social media users were left gobsmacked as she shrugged on the video and her children walked past one-by-one.

From eldest to youngest the mum shared the incredible years she spent pregnant seemingly without break.

The TikTok video starts with the mum smiling, under the caption “Years I was Pregnant”.

Then, one-by-one her eight children walk past her.

Watch the brilliant video below!

From her eldest born in 2000, through the rest of his seven siblings, she reveals how she was pregnant for every single year from 2000 until 2012.

From 2003-2004 an angel emoji is put in its place.

But after having her eldest from 2000-2001, he is followed by the eldest daughter from 2001-2002.

Then, post 2004, more and more siblings pass in quick succession, leaving the mum laughing as she’s confronted with the amazing journey where she spent every year for over a decade pregnant.

The amazing story was captured in the TikTok the family made



The mum shared how she was pregnant for 12 years running



Some of the siblings pass through the video more enthusiastically than others, but after the youngest sibling, who she was pregnant from 2011-12, passes, she’s left laughing.

Social media users were left amazed not only at her eight children and 12 years pregnant, but how good she looked.

One person wrote: “She looks amazing for having 8 kids! Good job mama!”

While another said: “She looks amazing!” And a third added: “BLESSED!!”

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