My Frank Green Water Bottle has Tap and Pay!

My Frank Green Water Bottle has Tap and Pay!

I want me some Frank Green Water Bottle Please!

Frank Green is taking the water bottle world by storm with its environmentally friendly and sustainable products that come in groovy colours and styles. If you are a fan of fancy coffee but hate the thought of the single-use cups (Grrrrr hate that) – then you may have heard that the Frank Green reusable coffee cup has become one of Australia’s favourites.

What’s So Special about the Frank Green Range?

Well, the company was founded in Melbourne and is 100% Australian-made. That said, you can guarantee that the quality is awesome and dependable!

Plus, one of the several reasons why we believe you will like the next generation Tap to Pay Frank Green SmartCup, is the fact that you may pay for your coffee from your first cup of the day to your final cup of the day just by waving your Next Generation reusable coffee cup!

Here are some of my favourite features:

  • Open and shut the spill-resistant lid with a single press of a cleverly engineered one-handed push button on this well-crafted re-usable coffee cup. The drinking hole is intended for maximum beverage flow, with a safe and tight screw-down cover in order to prevent spillage.
  • In addition, the SmartCup has been developed to fit both normal (230ml) and large (340ml) coffee cups due to its clever double-walled thermoplastic outer layer that keeps your coffee hotter for extended periods of time.
  • Designed with high-quality materials that are stain and odor resistant, a non-slip grip that feels fantastic in your hand, and it fits easily in all standard cup holders, this little gem is sure to please.

The Best Frank Green Products:

The Reusable Cups

This is the pinnacle of the re-usable cup journey: Stylish, it keeps your beverage’s temperature and flavour consistent for hours, and you can be certain that it will not shatter or spill in your luggage — just snap it closed and you’re ready to go!

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Frank Green Water Bottle – Reusable Bottles

The frank green original reusable bottles are sleek, lightweight solution for energetic folks on the run who want a dependable reusable bottle that also makes them feel good about using it. Either the innovative push-button lid or the stainless steel straw cover and strap are also included, and both are guaranteed not to leak. Because of its long-lasting durability, it’s also suitable for rough and tumble use.

? NEON WEB BANNERSCOLLECTION BANNER DESKTOP SHOP BOTTLES 2000x608 copy 2 | Stay at Home via Frank Green Water Bottle

Frank Green Homewares

The winner of the Good Design Award for 2021!

Using the same attractively designed bowls, you can store, freeze, heat, and enjoy your food. Using the same bowl, prepare and serve your meal, then cover it with a lid and press down the ‘smart vent’ to form an airtight seal, and store your leftovers in the refrigerator.

? green hero 3 | Stay at Home via Frank Green Water Bottle

Frank Green Water Bottle – Coffee and Tea Version

This french press, created for the most discerning coffee and tea enthusiast, is the epitome of indulgence.

There is no sediment in sight thanks to the use of a revolutionary ceramic inner layer that keeps your coffee taste exactly the way it was intended, as well as an incorporated stainless steel mesh plunger that guarantees your tea and coffee remains perfectly smooth until the very last drop.

? | Stay at Home via Frank Green Water Bottle

Stockists of Frank Green Water Bottle:


The vibrant and brazen colours you like are now available in the size you want! Take a look at the newest addition to their highly sought-after neon line.

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Kitchen Warehouse is driven by a desire to discover new kitchen experiences while providing excellent value and expertise to guarantee that your kitchen is the focal point of your home’s interior design.

They sell all of the major brand names and may provide experienced assistance to assist you in selecting the most appropriate instrument for the work at hand.

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From modest beginnings, Everten was one of the first online kitchenware sellers in Australia and now provides the biggest choice of knives and kitchenware online to satisfy both commercial, professional chefs and even the home cook who dreams of featuring on Master Chef!

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Catch - Screaming Good Deals CATCH

From the beginning of their online shopping revolution in 2006, has been providing average Australians with affordable prices on the brands they know and love.

And good news! They also now offer Frank Green Water Bottle!

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THE ICONIC | Criteo Success Story THE ICONIC

With the opening of THE ICONIC in 2011, Australia and New Zealand have seen a sea change in the way they shop.

They are known for providing industry-leading customer service, shipping choices, and returns policies, while also uniting fashion and sports enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand via digital experiences.

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David Jones is the largest luxury retailer in Australia. Aside from that, it is the world’s oldest continually functioning department store that is still doing business under the same name.

David Jones provides clients with outstanding goods and services from national and worldwide companies in fashion, cosmetics, cuisine, technology, and homewares.

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Matchbox | Kitchenware & Homewares Retailer MATCHBOX AU

Matchbox is pleased to announce that they are now a Frank Green stockist in Australia, as part of their extensive reusable drinkware collection.

They provide some of the greatest inventions to clients who wish to lower their carbon footprint for a better world and live their best life everywhere they travel, with Frank Green drink bottles and Frank Green coffee cups!

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Webexplore Retail LI’L TREASURES

As a collector, you understand how annoying it can be when retailers only carry the most popular or most basic components of a product line. The business takes great satisfaction in carrying a vast variety of items – often the whole inventory that is accessible to all of us.

Moreover, when an item is being phased out, they stock up to ensure that you have the greatest possible opportunity of collecting each and every piece for your selection.

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My Frank Green Water Bottle has Tap and Pay!

Frank Green Water Bottle, in contrast to several other companies, is quite open about where its goods are sourced. The majority of the bottles and cups are manufactured in Melbourne, and you can even see the specific location where each component is manufactured.

Most of the company’s drinkware is manufactured in-house in order to maintain a high level of quality control.

So, are you ready to indulge in this new trend? We’re excited to hear!