My pregnant friend thought she was naming her baby after Greek mythology

THERE are all sorts of places pregnant women can look for inspiration for potential baby names.

And one woman, who is from the US and is five months pregnant, thought she’d found the perfect moniker after reading a book on Greek mythology.


An anonymous woman, from the US, took to Reddit and explained how her pregnant pal revealed her favourite baby name to their friendship group. Pictured, stock imageCredit: Getty

Only, all wasn’t quite as it seemed.

Taking to Reddit, the pregnant woman’s friend penned: “She’s having a girl and likes to run some of her ideas by our friend group to see what we think.”

Yesterday we all got together to hang out and she told us her latest favourite. Chlamydia.”

The shocked woman revealed how her pregnant pal went on to say how much she loved reading The Odyssey in school and had always loved Greek mythology.

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The baffled woman continued: “It takes a minute but from the context she gives in the conversation I figure out that she’s talking about Clytemnestra (if you don’t know and don’t want to search, she’s the wife of king Agamemnon and sister of Helen of Troy).”

She decided it was best to prevent her friend from further humiliation and so corrected her, noting that she meant Clytemnestra and not Chlamydia – but the pregnant woman was adamant she meant the latter.

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“I have to explain to her that she’s got the name mixed up and that chlamydia is an STD not a figure from Greek mythology,” the woman continued.

“After I bring up a google search to prove my point, she gets all awkward and quiet. The mood for the rest of our time together kinda soured.”

And things went from bad to worse later than evening when, back at home, the woman received an annoyed text from the pregnant friend, who accused her of “embarrassing” her in front of everyone.

The woman continued: “She says I could have brought it up in private and didn’t need to be so condescending about it.

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She was just talking about a name she liked and I made her feel like an idiot.”

The woman was then bombarded by messages from their other friends urging her to apology – but still didn’t feel like she was in the wrong.

And many took to the comments section to agree that it was less embarrassing for the friend to find out now, than further down the line.

“If she’s old enough to be pregnant, she should be old enough to know what chlamydia is. She embarrassed herself,” wrote one.

A second penned: “Everyone else around is going to know what Chlamydia is. She only embarrassed herself. You wouldn’t have even needed to say anything. NTA.”

A third commented: “I feel like this could be an honest mistake due to pregnancy brain but it could have been handled much differently.

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“I think this would happen to me but I would’ve laughed it off because of how ridiculous it is and thanked my friend for pointing it out!”

Meanwhile, a fourth agreed: “She deserves to be embarrassed. Then maybe she won’t make a child suffer through her need to be original.”