Neighbor Dragged for Calling Cops to Complain About Pregnant Dog Owner

The internet has slammed a homeowner who called the police on their neighbors for letting their dog go to the bathroom on the patio.

In a post on the popular r/AmITheA**hole forum, user u/No-Abalone4276 shared the story and wrote: “I have some neighbors, a young couple around their 20s. They’ve lived in the apartment next to mine for 2 years. They have a dog. A small one. I’ve always noticed them taking the dog on walks but for the past two months, I just see them putting some pads on their patio and letting the dog s**t and pee there. I’ve made complaints to them multiple times, I’ve called them lazy and told them to give up the dog if they can’t care for it properly.”

Not the only neighbor to be upset by a nearby canine resident, earlier this month another internet user shared how she was told to make friends with their neighbor’s barking dog in order to stop it from bothering the family.

A national neighborhood study conducted by North American real estate source asked 2,000 homeowners about their neighbors. Eighteen percent of those surveyed said that they had spoken to their neighbor that day and around half reported having a conversation with them that week.

A stock photo of a dog sitting outside on a patio, left, and a file photo of a woman looking out of a window and making a phone call. The internet has slammed a neighbor who called the police after getting frustrated over a dog on the patio.
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But relationships with those nearby aren’t always perfect, and the reasons for neighborly arguments were varied. Around one-fifth of those surveyed said that noise was the biggest problem they argued about with those living nearby, while over 9 percent of neighbors said they have fought about pet defecation and 11 percent have had arguments about parking arrangements.

When the neighbor complained about the dog leaving mess in the yard, the couple explained that they clean up after their dog at least twice a day and that the dog goes on a walk every night.

“The girl also said it’s none of my business why she and her boyfriend don’t take the dog out on walks and they don’t have to answer to me,” wrote the poster: “The next morning I called the police on them. Authorities came and inspected and said that no laws are broken as long as the area is getting cleaned up daily.”

When the Redditor told the police the couple was not walking the dog, they were told that the couple had their reasons for that and it was not the neighbor’s business.

“Now my whole apartment building sees me as the bitch who called the police on the couple for that reason,” wrote the Redditor: “I later found out from another neighbor who confronted me that the reason they let the dog go on the patio is because the girl is pregnant and is on bed rest and her boyfriend takes the dog out late at night.”

After the neighbors’ actions, they shared with Reddit that: “Everyone on the building is now hostile against me. AITA?”

Before long, internet users headed to the comments to share their thoughts and slam the Redditor.

“I can’t even imagine why anyone would think this was not OK, let alone a police matter,” said one commenter. While another wrote: “There are many reasons why people can’t walk their dog. The dog may have an injury that’s healing, it may have developed arthritis and can’t walk as much or as long without pain, or a slew of other reasons that are none of your business. It sounds like you’re in desperate need of a hobby if you have this much time to monitor your neighbors.”

Another reply simply said: “You’re a neighbor from hell.”

“What an absolute waste of police resources,” said another commenter.

Newsweek has reached out to u/No-Abalone4276 for comment.