New Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix Series: Is it Glorifying Serial Killers?

Curious about watching Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story? It certainly isn’t for the faint of heart!

Netflix recently released the much-anticipated series ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’. And there has been a whole lot of hype about the new series with many people unable to get past the very first episode.

I LOVE true crime – I listen to true crime podcasts all day, every day. So I watched the series to see if it rose up to the hype.

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Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Look: Evan Peters is Going to Be the Next Big Thing

If you have watched American Horror Story – you will be very familiar with Evan Peters. Look, the kid is an absolute star – and he totally ‘kills it’ in this series. As I knew he would. Evan Peters just knows how to get under your skin, and he is pure evil as Jeffrey Dahmer. The sneer, the understated way Dahmer is quiet and withdrawn….

But little ole Evan Peters is evil in just about every role he has been given – so let’s hope we get to see his sunny smile in something else down the track.

Is The Series Glorifying Serial Killers?

Nope. It really doesn’t. The fact the series made me feel ill about what he did – and that he really came across as a pure disgusting monster – which is the truth – well maybe it does the opposite of glorifying. Instead, we see the monster for whom he truly is. A piece of disgusting shit who was a brutal and sadistic murderer.

In fact, I’d like to see more TV Series or Movies on serial killers going this route of making them out to be what they really are – monsters.

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Black and Brown Versus White

Secondly shocking to the actual crimes was the way in which the black and brown community of Milwaukee was treated by law enforcement at the time. This series really highlighted the fact that this monster could have been caught so much earlier if they just listened to the citizens who repeatedly complained about the behaviour of Dahmer.

The most horrifying part of Jeffrey Dahmer’s killing spree was when his 14-year-old victim managed to escape Dahmer’s apartment, only for Police Officers to be called and they returned the kid to his murderer citing it was a ‘Lovers quarrel. This poor 14-year-old baby could have been saved if Police had just asked a few questions.

So yes, there is gay bashing, there is blatest racism and corrupt cops. And the series shows it all without apologies. It makes for super uncomfortable viewing. And a series should make you feel – I liked that it gave no fucks about how you felt – but told the story as it was.

Who was Jeffrey Dahmer? Netflix's latest true crime obsession dismembered  and ate victims – KIRO 7 News Seattle

LGBTQ+ Category Netflix Hype

The latest hype is that Netflix has included the series in the ‘LGBTQ+’ category and many think that the series should not be labelled under this banner. It is a sad part of history – but it is a part of history, and a horrific chapter in gay history.

The storyline about Tony Hughes, a gay mute and deaf black man really hurt to the core…. But again, the series made me love Tony, and hate Jeff for taking his life. I loved how the series really bought the person and the victim, Tony Hughes to life. I wanted to know more about him, more about his Mum and his family, and the struggles he must have gone through.

So hate me if you will – but I think this series SHOULD be included in the LGBTQ+ category. Let the gay community hate this monster for targeting them.

Who was Tony Hughes and what happened to him? | The Scottish SunThe real Tony Hughes

The First Episode is the Hardest To Get Through

The first episode is a real punch in the stomach. It doesn’t save the story for the last episode – no it gets right down to business right up front. And it will make you sick. So if you are queasy about true crime – probably give this series a miss.

My Sum Up on Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

I’ve watched many tv series and movies on Jeffrey Dahmer. But I would say that this one is the best by far. It leaves you with a yucky taste in your mouth.

And if they there is a smell coming from the neighbours house – believe them!